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I am asking this because we live in the sticks and often I find that what doctors here prescribe isn't exactly what most others would.

On the 23rd of Dec. I was bowling, and the first time I walked to the line and released the ball, my knee popped and gave out, and I found myself sitting on my butt. Immediately I felt a flash of heat in my right knee, and I started to sweat. My husband helped me up, and after about 5 minutes, that heat and sweating passed. It hurt but not that bad, I've sprained ankles and fingers and it didn't even hurt like that, so I figured nothing too serious and we bowled 2 games. I was just slower and more cautious.

A few hours later, my knee swelled to the size of a small grapefruit and was more painful, especially with stairs and getting in/out of the car. The pain is most intense on the inside, in a crescent around the kneecap. It was uncomfortable enough that I didn't sleep that night, and the next morning it was much more painful and the swelling was more like a small cantaloupe.

I went to the clinic. The doctor didn't want to diagnose anything or even test for anything. He told me to ice and rest it, take advil, and gave me crutches. He used a syringe and withdrew 50cc of blood from my knee, which decreased the swelling maybe 20%. He said that if, after 3 weeks, my knee is still unstable or still painfully swollen, then I can request an MRI. the swelling is most intense right around the kneecap, but my leg about 3 inches below the kneecap to about 5 inches above it is swollen all around. I cannot straighten it fully (not because of pain but because it will just not straighten that far) and I cannot bend it even to 90 degrees for the same reason.

Does this sound appropriate? Or should I be looking to a bigger clinic to see a specialist? 3 weeks seems a long time, but perhaps that is just the way it is. I cannot even drive without using both feet because I can't move my leg back and forth. I have 3 kids and while I don't work I spend a lot of time driving kids to various activities. If protocol is just to wait, then I guess I have no choice. But if it's possible to have an MRI or other tests earlier to diagnose anything, then I've prefer to get things moving sooner rather than later.

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