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I have had pain in my right inside knee for a little over a year know...have tried the injections, rest, ice, therapy and 2 surgeries for chondromalacia, but everything makes it worse. I am to the point where my knee is ocking up on occasions, I can't drive more the 15min max, and have to use one or both cruthces at times to get around. I saw two OS docs and was told at age 35 after they saw my MRI I need replacement done. The one doc said he reccomends TKR and the other one said there is a chance PKR might work, but can't promise for how long, but to consider the TKR. I was being told by the first doc that said TKR only I should have that due to having arthritus in both shoulders as well it will most likely eat my whole knee up within a few years. The other doc did agree, but said we can't say either way if that will happen so he said PKR is a possibility. What do you all think. I am leaning toward the TKR even though I am 35, because of the arthritus in both shoulders. I also don't want to have PKR and the other side get arthritus in a year or 2 or so and then need TKR. I am tired of trying things and being in pain. I also have maltracking in the knee and we tried lateral release and all of that, but it didn't help. I also have slight swelling and water on the knee that keeps coming back as well that we can't get rid of. Would a PKR help the maltracking better or would a TKR and which would help with the swelling/water on the knee to stay gone? Please any help would be greatful.

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