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Knee swell outside
Jan 13, 2013
Hi! I'm quite mystified by a knee problem I've been having about 3 months now, and not certain if this came from some hard yoga movements I had done as I feel it should have healed by now.
What happens is that off and on, I will get a slight swelling on my right side of the knee. There is no pain, but slight stiffness. Now the exact location. If you stretch your leg out all the way, note there is a kind of indentation on the sides of the knee, about the height of the top of the knee cap, which seems to be between two tendons. This is a normal knee. (Note there's an indentation on both sides.)
It is that indentation on the outer right knee that swells. Not a lot, but maybe a section about the size of my thumb. It may recede completely for several days, then come back. Has been going on for three months, and can't find anything online like it. Minor local swelling on right side, no pain at all, minor stiffness, off and on? Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

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