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My dd and I both have probable tibial torsion. Neither of us have ever been diagnosed, but both of us have had this from childhood. She is 20, normal weight, not a runner or anything....normal college student kind of person. I took her to an orthopedist when she was 2yo or so but I believe, due to variations in child development and the fact that intervention is rarely done in these cases, he dismissed it as perfectly normal. Both of us obviously have outtoeing. Hers is worse than mine. Since I have developed some issues of pain in my hips along with lifelong knee/leg pain, I have recently sought help in identifying my issues. My wonderful GP did see there was obvious misalignment or malformation and wondered if there could be inward and outward torsion accompanied with leg length difference. He sent me to a physiacist who dismissed me saying that he only dealt with sciatica and could not help me. Out of frustration, I have stopped my search for answers.

Recently, my dd has developed VERY loud pop. This happens in both knees when she arises from sitting positions...whether on the couch, or chair, or floor. It is a singly loud POP. Many people have made comments about the noise. I've asked her if this is painful and she has told me that sometimes it is painful, but other times it is not. I personally have creaking in my knee, but it is not something that most people can hear unless you are next to me and quiet. Her's is VERY loud. You can hear it across the room without a problem.

I am a bit concerned about this since I don't feel it is normal at all for a 20yo to have this noise occur. I have done some research and I cannot come up with any clear answers as to if this is of real concern or not.

Has anyone had experience with this at all?

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