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Re: TKR 3 weeks out
Feb 12, 2013
[QUOTE=crash86;5131628]Hi there. I had a TKR on my right knee on Jan 17th and have been looking at some threads here to find out how my progress is coming along.

I go to a hospital once a week for therapy and do exercises here at home everyday and go out walking, weather permitting. I have been doing more stretching exercises now and I am still very, very sore. I can get my knee to 90 degrees but it is stiff and hurts. I can take some steps without a cane.

My big issue is sleeping. I know that most talk here revolves around recovery but not much about sleeping. I get about 2 hours sleep and then pain wakes me up out of a sound sleep. It then takes me hours to get back to sleep and another 2 hours goes by and I am woken up again.

I average out about 4 hours of sleep in total and even sleeping pills don't help much. Most of my pain is at night, my pain meds during the day works and I rather not take some in the middle of the night.

What I want to know is when do things get better in the sleep department? I am frustrated, slightly depresses with slow progress and no sleep. I've been snapping at my husband due to lack of sleep who, thankfully, takes it in his stride.[/QUOTE]

Dear Crash86etc.:

I have had two hip replacements and after each one had trouble sleeping at night. I watched a lot of classic movies when I couldn't sleep and also would get up and walk around, maybe have a snack, etc. All this was OK because I was living alone at the time and the cat wasn't bothered either.

If I were you, which I am not, I would choose the pain relief pills over the sleeping pills. I have never used sleep aids and never will. I would rather deal with insomnia in the ways I chose. Often pain will waken up and keep us awake. You are lucky to have an understanding husband.

Gradually as one gets further from the surgery, sleep becomes more normal but this will be different for each person. It seems classic for pain to be worse at night which might be caused by all the activity during the day. But then you are taking the pain meds during the day, too!

Probably most of us who have had joint replacement have gone through the poor sleeping stage but it does get better. Honest!
Re: TKR 3 weeks out
Feb 12, 2013
[QUOTE=crash86;5132351]Thank you both for your responses. I guess it's just something that will eventually get better like any other part of this recovery. I rather not take sleeping pills but I do use them as a last resort i.e. : no real sleep for 3 or more days.

This is a longer recovery period than I had been led to believe so I guess it will all work out in its own good time.

I wish I had found this board before the op but I have found some really useful comments here and how quickly others have recovered.[/QUOTE]

Dear Crash86:
I think you are much too discouraged considering the short time that has passed since your knee replacement. My goodness - it isn't even a month yet! Knees are much more complicated than hips and it took a year before I felt like I was completely back to normal. I am not trying to be negative - just realistic. I think that a doctor who had been through a joint replacement himself or herself would not be so overly optimistic as your doctor seems to be! I think most nurses would be more realistic having worked with post surgery people more than most doctors do.

I do think that surgeons have to be very upbeat or maybe none of us would have the courage to go through joint replacement!

This board is the greatest for giving realistic expectations and encouragement because we all have gone through it and can give an honest picture of what to expect. Please keep us posted on how things are going. I think you will see improvements as you go along and each one will lift your spirits. Were you to keep a diary of your progress I think you would discover that as you go along things keep getting better. Sometimes it is hard to see the forest because we are so occupied with the trees.

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