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I hope I am posting in the right palce....
Hi, I am not a good writer so bear with me here please. I also have been through the ringer, so it is a little confusing for me. I have had back pain for over 2 years now. It actually started in my neck and would give me really bad migraines. As of today we have them under control, however, I do have flare up occasional. My lumbar area has been in CONSTANT PAIN for a year now, never going under a 5 on the pain scale. This too has caused me to have hip pain as well. There are times my hips feel like they are twisted or dislocated. I have been in therapy off and on. I also have had the injection in the back and the facet injection as well. They work for about 6 months and now they I only got 3 weeks of relief and it was not even really relief I was just able to take less medication. They pain is so horrible that I canít do nothing. I have throbbing, burning, bone pain, a pulling feeling if I even try to lay flat, it feels as if someone has a vice-grip and is squeezing my lower back and sometimes it feels like it is going to snap in half. The hips hurt so badly as well as the thigh area I also get groin pain, my left leg hurts all the way to the knee, sometimes it travels to my foot making it cramp or becoming tingling, it also causing a lot of lumbar pain as well. I have Tingle and numbness in hand, feet that wake me up at night and off and on throughout the day. I have woke up in the middle of the nigh and have not been able to move from waist down, it was as if I was completely paralyzes. My husband would move my legs like you would be bicycling and eventually the feeling would come back. It was as if everything had locked up and froze from my lumbar down. I am in PT right now and we did find one leg shorter than the other, however my hips keep slipping and locking up. I have seen a spine doctor at Cleveland clinic and he is sending me to a rheumatologist doctor and orthopedic specialist because he said there was something seriously wrong with my hip. Most of the pain is on the left side I have some on the right but not like it is on the left. I depressed because of the pain and not knowing what is wrong with me. The pain becomes so intense at times I just sit and cry. I just want to know if anyone else has suffered like this and what was the outcome. I know everyone is different and no one can diagnose me, but I am going crazy here I just need to know that someone else feels the same things I do and what worked for them. I am so worried I have cancer and they just have not found it yet. My husband had been great through all of this, however my youngest son is having a hard time with it and he moved out to his dad and does not come around very much. I blame myself for this because of all the broken promises that I had to cancel on his games and even our dinner dates. Please someone help me. Even to be able to talk to someone who has gone through this or is going through this would be nice to know I am not alone here..:confused:

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