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I know this is going to sound a little simplistic for all you are going through but...nerve pain must be investigated. When a person has pain on one side, they tend to compensate by unknowingly twisting the lower back, placing stress on not only the back but the pelvis too. I have had twelve surgeries on my right hip and knee. The nerve pain is, for me, the worst. Sciatica is a radiating nerve pain that affects the lower back, pelvis, and down the leg to below the knee. I also suffer from chronic lower back pain from an inflamed SI joint. The SI joint (or saco iliac) is at the very base of the spine where the nerve bundle passes through to the pelvis and legs. My left hip is failing now and I am experiencing clicking in the joint, locking up of the hip, and numbnesson the outside of my left thigh. I also have severe bursitis in my left hip so I am unable to lay on that side. Perhaps you should have a nerve study done. I had one on my right hip due to my multiple surgeries and found out that scar tissue had damaged the nerves to the point of losing a third of my gluteus maximus muscle and 75% of my gluteus medius. For all I have been through and more surgeries in the future, nerve pain is something I would not wish on anyone. Hope you find an answer soon.

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