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I am almost at 20 weeks post surgery for left hip replacement. The initial PT I had immediately after surgery was ok, but didn't teach me anything I hadn't learned when did right hip 4 years ago. BUT, several weeks ago I asked my surgeon to prescribe physical therapy so I could determine what stretches were appropriate for me at this stage of recovery, what machines I could use at the gym, how to get up and down from floor correctly (I was particularly worried about this as I now have two replaced hips) and finally how to correct my gait. This was the best thing I ever did. After three sessions with the therapist, I have a plan for the gym and more confidence about doing exercises appropriately. And, my gait is almost back to normal. I just needed someone to "show" me what I needed to do. Just verbal comments from surgeon's assistant at checkup wasn't enough. I worked on stretches and gait in therapist's office then she met me at the gym and reviewed my workout with me and my trainer making suggestions and correcting the way I used the machines when necessary. We will meet up again in about twelve weeks and she will show me what is appropriate for eight or nine months post surgery and add to stretches, etc that I can do.

This kind of plan might not be for everyone, but it's given me a lot more confidence in my exercise program. I'd recommend asking your surgeon for a therapy prescription if you want to be more active but aren't entirely sure you understand which movements are ok.

(And, lost 13 pounds too since surgery. It's a start........)


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