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Hello everyone. So sorry to hear that CPCruizer is having so much pain. I would agree with the other comments in regards to getting in touch with your doctor.

I had my knee replaced in 2010. After the surgery, I had swelling and redness, along with a fair bit of pain and discomfort, on the medial (inner) side of my knee. I did not think that was normal, nor did the visiting home health nurse. Calls into the office resulted in instructions to "keep an eye on things" but no real answers. I was insistent, though, that things just were "not right" and the doctor finally said for me to go in to see him ahead of my next scheduled appointment. The long and the short of it is that a had developed a hematoma, and the excess blood was causing all the swelling, heat, and pain. I had surgery to debride the knee and drain the blood, and after that, things went smoothly.

The bottom line is this. You may not have a problem. Let's hope not. But, if you do, the sooner it's addressed, the better. So, if things just don't seem right, be insistent. After all, not even the doctor wants you to have a negative outcome, and with a little pressure (if necessary), will likely want to take a look at you to make sure everything is okay. There's a lot of value in having peace of mind, especially for someone who is recovering from surgery or an illness. The body can relax and put its energies towards getting better.

Good luck to you and to all board members.

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