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This is my first post, and I would like to apologize for spelling.

I have had pain in my right knee now for 2 years, and it isn't getting any better. Weather makes it worse, and so does moving it around or standing still for too long. I have a large hard lump on the top right edge of the knee cap where the impact sight is, near the cartilage is. I have had bone scans, and even a black and white MRI on the knee, and the bone scan showed a stress reaction in the knee, possibly due to the swelling. I took physical therapy for it for 2 months, and the pain only got worse. Afterwards I went to an orthopedic doctor and had an MRI done to the knee and it showed nothing, but I looked at the pictures of that MRI and it showed nothing. The pain seems to only get worse the more days that I go with out pain, from taking OTC Pain medication, or just from trying to exercise it. The hard lump seems to be getting bigger as the pain grows, and as it grows the swelling gets worse making my pain worse and the more that it pops. I feel if I don't do something soon the cartilage in the knee will slip out from the swelling getting bone to bone contact. I am pretty sure it isn't gout ether, because this was caused by an injury because I had no pain in my knee at all before I hit it. And by days with no pain I mean that it doesn't hurt, I always feel pressure in my knee like it is about to explode. I hope that it isn't a cyst, but I am sure that would have appeared on an MRI. Please if someone has any solutions that can help my knee get better it would help.

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