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I was 45 years old when I had my TKR. Pain relief was immediate. That was 16 years ago. I waited as long as I could before having the surgery because I wanted to avoid revision surgery later on. I had had numerous surgeries in the years prior to the TKR, including tendon transfers and meniscus repairs, via open-knee and arthroscopy procedures. My original injury was caused by planting my foot and rotating during a basketball drill. I completely ruptured my ACL and MCL. In those days, women did not have such bad injuries, and it was misdiagnosed by several doctors. In any case, I persevered for 25 years before having the TKR. At the time I had the surgery, the thought process was that my knee would last 10 to 15 years, depending on how careful I was with it. I did not baby it, but I also did not do anything rigorous with it. I gave up all sports except bowling and non-stressful (to the knees) sports and activities. I never squat, for example.

I would find a doctor that is very proficient at knee replacements (i.e. that's his/her specialty, and they keep up with their training in that area) and make your case. Quality of life trumps age any day, I would say. You MUST be a good patient, though, and forget anything that would over-stress your new knee. If you behave yourself, your knee will last a long time. Even if you do need a revision years down the road, technology will have changed numerous times and that fact will work to your advantage. I say go for it!

A word about PT, though. It is important to be in good shape for your surgery in order to expedite your recovery. Exercises like quad-strengthening are imperative to keep the knee strong and stable. Do what you can to get yourself in shape, and then be sure to do your exercises at home (and at PT) after the surgery.

One last suggestion to your current situation is to perhaps consider acupuncture as a way to relieve pain. It is covered by many insurances and it can be helpful. In the end, though, I think that knee replacement is the way to go.

Good luck to you.

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