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Hello all,

I have recently done something to my knee, it all started around 17th May when I fell over in a nightclub. I am 24 years old, never really had any medical issues with regards to my knee before. Anyway I will go through it all by day just to make it a little clearer.
17th May:[/B] This is when I fell over. I remember thinking to myself after the fall that I have done something bad to my knee and wasn't too sure. My mate helped me back to my feet and I have to limp over to the bar till the pain kind of worn off. I foolishly continued walking on the leg but the alcohol blocked out the pain - if there was any.
18th May:[/B] I woke up with a stiff leg and couldn't really walk on it properly, I could bend my knee and put weight on it but couldn't straighten it. I never really thought anything of it, just continued and thought it would be better after a few days. Absolutely no pain in my knee, it was just very stiff.

[B]19th May:[/B] Dragged myself to work walking and it took me about double the usual time, sat about in work again pain free nothing to complain about just couldn't walk properly. That night I decided to go to A&E and a doctor sis a physical examination, when he moved my leg there was regular clicking, however my knees have always done that so personally I thought nothing of it. The doctor sent me for an x-ray on my leg and found that there was fluid in my knee and a possible damage to meniscus (Didn't specifically say what was wrong though). I was sent home with pain killers, tubi grip on my knee and crutches. One of the nurses told me not to put any weight on the bad leg.
20th May:[/B] I had to go into hospital again as I started to develop a pain in the calf muscle and the doctor never really bothered checking my knee that day although from what I told her she kind of agreed with the diagnosis that it was a tear, and had bloods taken for a possible clot. Turns out nothing was there so free of a blood clot.

[B]21st may:[/B] Went into hospital again, doctor checked my knee, did not say much but said it may be a tear and that a physio would look at my leg the next day.
22nd May: [/B]The Doctor did a very thorough check of my leg, he twisted it, asked me to bend and straighten leg etc etc. He then told me that there was no damage to my knee but I have badly torn the calf muscle (possibly because of the crutches, after I had to hold the leg up instead of using it). That day I also seen a physio who also put me thorough tests, checked the knee by pressing at certain points and they found nothing wrong with my knee but said I am having problems with using my leg because of tear in leg. They told me to start using the leg again with crutches put some weight, but not all of my weight on the knee to strengthen the surrounding muscles up again. The Physio also put some pads in my trainers to help with walking again.
Last few days:[/B] As you can imagine I am very happy with being able to walk somewhat with the aid of crutches, however sometimes it feels as if my knee is weak and it cant hold the weight. Maybe I am being over cautious of it or being paranoid. Today I tried to walk with a straight leg, for the first few steps I had a massive smile on my face but then the quads started to tighten, like a pulled muscle and started wondering if I done more damage when I was sitting in work and I had a short stab like pain right through my knee.

Earlier on and not for the first time, I had a sudden sharp pain up the inner left hand side of my right knee that hurt when I was going upstairs, this pain comes and goes every so often. Also, I have a slight pain when I try to fully bend knee, don't know if this is because of calf muscle though. Also, while each day is getting better, my knee still feels stiff after about 20 minutes of sitting and loosens up after a few minutes walking. I would say each day I am getting better, bit by bit however I would prefer to know for definite if there is any damage to my knee. It may give me a little more confidence in using my leg again.

Maybe I should also point out, while I have absolutely 0 pain in the knee, it did tend to become a little achey, after the physical tests.

So my question is, does anyone have any idea what I may have done, if anything to my knee? And any advice to speed up the recovery?

Thank you in advance.

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