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I had a lt knee lateral partial meniscectomy or shall I say something called a "clean up". There was hardly anything removed just shaved it up so wasn't catching in knee. Anyways that was 3 months ago after I had injured it almost 6 months ago. I did extensive therapy afterwards.. everything was going just fine until about a month ago. Then it started going down hill again. I now have pain on that lateral side again and swelling in my knee and ankles (in witch I have never had before). I do therapy at home at least twice a day and started therapy again for pain control. I'm not sure if I retore it. And has anyone else had a retear after having this done? I started again on pain meds. It hurts so bad to straighten out my leg, but I can bend it back just fine. I didn't have any clicking or popping after surgery but that has since came back. Just very frustrated. I'm ready for all this to be over with. I've now started to get pain in my knee cap and that shoots down my leg. I went back for my last post op visit and had a cortisone shot in knee in witch had did nothing at all. I go back to the doctor this coming Monday. I have been calling then like crazy trying to get into them sooner to see if there is something they could do.. but no I have to wait. I just wish I knew if this is a pain I have to deal with or what. I do have arthritis in my knees in witch I have already known about, but this pain is not related to that. Every time I walk or step wrong I get that sharp pain back again.

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