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About a Month ago i was lying down and bent my right leg, i hardly noticed something felt "out of the ordinary" on the inside of my right leg just under(but to the side of) my patella, i never experienced any pain but there was a sense of "This feels over used" sort of tightness and very mild tenderness.

At first researching on my own lead me to stiff joints caused by drinking to much Sucralose (Mio Water Enhancers) and the negative side effects, so i began a flush by drinking more plan water and green tea, after a few days it had become swollen (puffy around the patella) but still hardly noticeable (I am very thin 6' tall 145lbs) At this point i tried a different self-examination and came upon torn ligaments or strained muscles as a possibility since everything was tender around the knee but again i never have had any real pain(On a scale of 1-10, if a tooth ache is 5 this was a 0.5 discomfort is more realistic of a description) after a week everything began to clear up almost in a healing phase, i was able to walk normally if i really wanted too but my mind was telling me to walk like a board was attached in being cautious.

Unfortunately i scaled the stairs in my home several times and it seemed as if i went back 3 days and had the symptoms for even longer (nearly 2 weeks) I have been incredibly busy with completing my GED, entering College, learning a second language and caring for myself and my 2 year old while this has been slowing me down, nearly 3 weeks later i and to a point where i can walk normally if i tried again, i can bend and straighten my leg, i have no pops, ache, creaks, snaps or swelling, i have NOT tried the R.I.C.E method because Ice in general makes my joint more stiff and seems to worsen any subsided effects. The only issue i experience now is bending my knee, sometimes bending my knee from a straightened position, i will feel a constraint just above my knee cap in the patellar tendon area, if i continue to bend my knee in despite feeling this "pressure" i feel a sensation like a "muscle pop" however no audible sounds, it feels more like a "relief" as a sensation, attempting the meniscus tear tests have proven nothing solid, i have the ability to fully bend, rotate and extend my leg with no pain or discomfort on my own.

I am 26 and my activity level is (shamefully) very low, my activities of bending and stretching these area's are stairs in the home, and having to climb over a child gate at the top and bottom of these stairs and i am suspect to believe this is the cause of whatever i am experiencing.

The idea of surgery, XRAYS(It's effects on the body) and doctors in general are all a phobia, mind you not enough to go if pain was severe enough, but still a phobia that makes my stomach churn at the idea of someone not understanding how i feel in real time while attempting to discern a pain i may have not felt yet (if that makes sense)

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