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I am sorry to hear that you had more problems. My husband's knee damage was from a car accident, and he waited 30 years to have the partial replacement. He lived on the shots for years. His legs were bowed and he had chronic hip and back pain as a result. After the partial knee, he is healthy as a 73 year old can be and doing most any thing he wants to do. His legs are no longer bowed, his back and hip no longer hurt. That is as long as he does not think he is a 35 year old again and takes on to much work load.

It was a success story for him. I know it does not work for everyone, but it is worth a second opinion to have all your options open to you.

We down sized our house and having only attic stairs to deal with, which is not on a daily basis has been a blessing for me. I am the one deemed untreatable because I have a -3.1--T DEXA score along with osteoarithrist, FMS and 2 other auto immunes. Can't even do the pills if I want a GI track. And who ever invented those dosing pens never had to try to use them with arthritis of the hands. I can barely sew a button on, and they expect me to load a tiny needle and dial a pen?

And this old saw it by passes the gut is bull feathers if it is in the blood stream it get to the gut, last time I checked your gut has blood vessels leading to it. They think we are DUMB

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