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Hi there -- I have been having some problems w/ my password but got them squared away to respond to your post. I have had three hip scopes for a labral tear and to correct impingement. I wish I had never had my first surgery, as it was performed by a general orthopedic surgeon, and did not address the impingement issues.

So -- let's see -- I would absolutely shy away from a hip replacement at your age. Hip replacements are lasting longer with technological improvements, but they have a finite lifespan and revisions are difficult and require taking a little more bone each time.

That said, if you can resolve some of your issues with an arthroscopic surgery, it offers the benefit of less blood loss, less risk of infection, and less scar tissue -- which is not just an issue of aesthetics but can be very painful. Most doctors will try the least invasive potential solution, whether it's an injection, therapy, or some form of surgery. You can always go up the scale, but you can't go backward.

That said, if I would certainly not recommend a fourth or fifth arthroscopic surgery, if you don't get relief from the first or second! My current, awesome surgeon said he would do no more than three on one hip. I would also encourage you to find a hip-only surgeon and to request second and third opinions before proceeding with any form of surgery.
Hi there -- sorry for the delay in responding to your questions. My first surgery was only a labral debridement, and it was a waste of time and served only to make my symptoms worse. My second surgery was mostly reshaping the hip joint, lots of arthroplasty and a synovectomy. The third surgery involved performing microfracture under the cartilage and reattaching the edge of the labrum using three plastic anchors, plus lots of clean up of scar tissue.

I wholeheartedly agree that only addressing the symptom (labral tear) without fixing the underlying problem is likely only to result in further surgeries. I don't think it's possible to complete an arthroscopy without some traction, but a good surgeon can minimize the problems from traction. I would continue pushing for additional opinions and options until you find someone with whom you are comfortable.

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