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Hello. I've been having knee problems the last 7 years (!) and finally found a doctor who ordered an MRI and x-ray. But this is a week from now and of course it is a week filled with googling to try to prepare myself for the answer.

Background story: 7 years ago my right knee started hurting. I did not exercise at the time more than biking/walking to and from work. It got quite swollen after a few days so I went to see a doctor who poked my thigh and told me it was the anterior cruciate ligament that were acting up because I had weak muscles in my thighs, and I needed to use pain killer gel and start exercising. I did this, but not much happened. The swelling subsided but my knees continued to hurt every now and again. Then it started in the other knee. I figured I just needed to work out differently, so since then I have tried all sorts of workouts. Walking, running, yoga, swimming, biking, weight lifting, dancing... It all works fine for a couple of months, and I think everything is over and even forget about it, then the pain comes back, in both knees. I checked up my walking, to see if my feet are the problem, but apparently they are not.

Now, it hurts when I walk both up and down stairs, it hurts when I sit down on a chair as well as when I get up. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night because it hurts (not very often though) and quite often in the mornings they will be very painful when straightening them. Even walking on flat surfaces has started to hurt a little bit. It hurts mainly on the outside of the knee, typical for illiotobal band syndrome, but it also hurts on the upside of the patella, typical for patellofemoral syndrome. It clunks and clicks when I slowly straighten out my leg, which suggests meniscus problems.

Has anyone else had this problem? I can't find anywhere on the internet when people have all three issues, in both knees at the same time or first the one, then the other. I know the internet is not a good place to get diagnosed, but I do have the MRI in just a week so I'm just trying to get some sort of idea. Any ideas or comments appreciated.

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