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I had partial hip replacement on May 30, 2009. It is Nov. 9, 2009 and I have excercise, walk etc. I still have pain in groin, pain in hip when I walk. I seem to not be able to have more than a couple of days with out pain especially when walking. Try to walk without a cane but most times have to use a cane. Xrays show good, according to DR. Has anyone else experienced this length of pain, 5+ months? I just really would like to know that this is not abnormal. When I made appointments my surgeon would not see me but sent his assistant nurse to convey messages. I now have a different Dr. within the same group and this guy is supposed to be the expert. I fell off a ladder, about 8 ft. and broke the ball on my left side. I did not even know what the difference between a partial and a THR was and was not in a mood to spend time researching. Went to the emergency room on a Friday and Saturday was the surgery. New Dr. may be better than the first but they still avoid telling me what I need to know. Maybe this is due to not experiencing the experience themselves, I don't know. So I have turned to this thread to see if anyone can tell me if I am just being a wuss and this is normal or does it sound like something else might be a issue. I am 62 years old, self employed construction worker and yes I have been working but not bending or crossing legs. If anyone else has any info that might help I would really appreciate it, thank you.

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