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I am 27 years old and I suddenly noticed as I was walking up the stairs that my right knee keeps making a loud "clicking" sound. I can only think that this happened after lifting something heavy from the ground. I don't play sports or any other activity. I also noticed that when I knelt down on the floor after I started noticing the clicking sound, the area around my knee felt slightly stiff.

It's been about 5 weeks since it started and the "click" sound is still happening when I go up the stairs and there doesn't seem to be that stiffness anymore, but there is some slight discomfort pain when I walk, but worse if I run. I don't know whether to call it pain, because it doesn't hurt bad, it's more of a discomfort. I can still run with the pain without needing to stop running.

I can straighten my leg without any pain - all I can feel is a small click (different to the click that I hear when going up the stairs) when I bend my leg up and down and it feels like something it "fitting into place".

I've noticed that if I rest my knee, then the discomfort feeling is not as bad - but if I treat my knee badly then the discomfort becomes worse.

There has been no swelling.

I have tried to self diagnose myself, but am still unsure. I also want to know if this can be healed without any surgery which I don't really want to go through.

Many thanks for your help.

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