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My wife had TKR in June and is doing just ok. No real complications like infection. Early on they wanted to bring her back to the OR and under general anesthesia break the scar tissue that was preventing a good range of motion. Well she said to heck with that. There were plenty of tears "I should have never done this". But she had little choice. She was in constant pain, whether using the knee or not.
I think her home physical therapist early on didn't push her hard enough. So when she went to the outpatient physical therapist my wife said "they are giving me two weeks to get my range of motion". Target 0-120 degrees. Well, with just a single oxycontin on board she had the physical therapist break the scar tissue. She literally screamed into the pillow and felt nauseous afterward, but that was the beginning of getting the range of motion to keep her out of the OR. We are finding that when ever we think she is having a complication "it is normal". She still has swelling 3 mo. later. And some pain. Still limps. So I guess 6-12 months is a common time frame to feel like it is part of you again. On the good side she only used the walker for a couple days and the cane for about a week. Going up stairs was easy compared to going down because her knee wouldn't quite bend far enough. Now she can bend 0-120 on her own. The physical therapist can push it a bit farther to about 125 degrees. Still has trouble sleeping. She really needs the other one done, but not likely very soon. She tries to compare her situation to my total hip, which was a breeze in comparison. Very little pain. Back driving(right hip) and back to work in 16 days. Now running marathons. Though I think only one more. Just got back from backpacking in Wyoming and my hip is like my own. Not an ounce of discomfort. I backpacked carrying a 50lb pack 9 miles(each way) in the mountains 10 months after my surgery. Even sent a photo to the surgeon. So when they say knees are harder than hips they are correct.

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