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Knees need to pop
Sep 9, 2013
Hey guys.
This is difficult to explain, but I'll do the best I can.
Sometimes at night,about once or twice a week, after I get in bed, both of my knees feel like they need to be "popped" (like when you crack your knuckles.)
There is no pain at all, but the urge is overwhelming and cannot be ignored.
The problem is that popping them does no good whatsover, they still feel like they need it no matter how many times I bend and extend my knees to pop them.

The only way I can get over it is to get up and walk around, stand, or jump, and just basically put weight back on my legs, and eventually the sensation will go away.
I'm 43 and have had this issue for a decade or more. I'm flat footed, but other than that, I have no known leg issues or injuries. Being flat footed has never really caused me any problems, I was in the Army and ran cross country in high school.

I really hope I've explained this, but the best way to sum it up is that need to be popped really bad, but popping does no good. Again, no pain is involved.
Thanks for any help!

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