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HI, Im a couple years out from having had bilateral TKRs and STACHE55 is right on!
It takes, in my opinion & experience about a year to really feel better.

The medical people say 12 weeks, and yes, you are "better" than the days after surgery...but I recall being SO MAD that I was still using a cane and even a walker ..and finding it NECESSARY to take pain meds.

I think they are looking at how the nerves communicate and a certain degree of healing as to ok a person to drive...I dont think it has to do with being "over the surgery" at all!!
Im grateful for these Boards that got me through the months of recovery and
so grateful that I had a friend (and DR) who were realistic and who encouraged me to keep up the pain meds. Keep up the daily exercises and PT appoints,
They helped me get through all the rehab and the LONG PROCESS of healing.

I am at this moment sitting cross legged with my laptop.

AM I PAIN FREE ALL OF THE TIME? NO, However I can take long walks, do dishes, vacuum, get to the back of the market--all in one day!! sometimes --until my feet hurt!
I can do yardwork & garden (which I love)--until my back aches..
I did even downhill ski(which is how I got injured in the first place)
but tore my calf muscle when I fell..and although the Ortho people said I COULD ski again, apparently its not the greatest idea--at least after 55, which I am now 61.

at times I push myself way to much and pay the price of pain...but have been told its all soft tissue (tendons, ligaments etc) getting stressed, swelling and it hurts and takes MONTHS to get better .. I take an occasional oxycodone , tylenol 3 or Aleve or other anti-inflamatory..sometimes for a couple of days...

AM I IN PAIN ALL the TIME? NO, not like before.
Is the pain as debilitating, NO, but it hurts and it is concerning..because I want to avoid having to get a revision.

So Im sure its best if you never have to get a replacement..its not what people sometimes think that you are "better" or "bionic" and doing both knees at once was quite a lot to deal with, however, all in all I have much more mobility and am glad I did it.

So hang in there...and unless your knee gets red, inflamed swollen or you run a fever the pain is most likely the pain of adapting and healing. Continue your pain meds and know it will be worth it.

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