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I had TKR on Sept. 3 on my right knee, just a month after hitting the big 6-0. It took about a month for the hamstrings to finally loosen so that I wasn't in constant pain behind my knee. I am still having constant pain on the inner front side of the knee, which feels like the muscle or some other tissue is straining all the time. The PT thinks I have a fluid pocket over the patella, and she keeps trying to get it to break up.

It's a real challenge to bend my knee, my flexion is still only around 110 degrees. I also can't get the knee to go flat when I extend my leg, still around -8 degrees there.

Needless to say, I'm rather discouraged, as the surgeon made it sound like I'd be really good by now. I did 4 weeks inpatient rehab, and still do outpatient 3 times a week. I do my home exercises, put in about 25 minutes daily on the exercise bike, and am trying to walk a half hour most days.

I go back to the surgeon on Wednesday, and I wonder if he'll recommend a manipulation. One PT told me that 110 was considered "normal" post-TKR, but I was there before the surgery and the doc and PA both sounded like I should be better than that after TKR. If my flexion is the same, and I still can't straighten my leg when I extend it, I really wonder why I put myself through the surgery.

I still take painkillers every morning, and it makes me angry that I'm not seeing progress. So many people said I'd be pain free, and feel so much better, and so far it doesn't seem worth it.

For those who have good results, how long before the pain stops or the movement noticeably improves? Am I expecting too much too soon?

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