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Can I relate! I'm out almost 3 months from TKR of right knee, and am going to stop PT after this week. I don't think that they can do more for me, as long as I stay active and exercise at home.

My issue is a pain on the inner side of my leg, about 4 inches below mid-knee. It's deep and radiates, and I can (as can the therapists) feel a bump/knot in there. The therapist worked it about 2 weeks ago and I could barely walk for a day or so. It is causing me to limp, which really upsets me. After all, like you, part of the reason for the TKR was to get rid of the limping and the pain it was starting to create elsewhere. I also think it limits my ability to flatten and flex my knee.

I'm calling the surgeon's office tomorrow and will insist they see me again before my next appointment in early January. I can't sleep comfortably, can't quit the painkillers (though I'm down to one a day, just to see if I can tolerate it). So many people have great results, it really is depressing when TKR doesn't bring us the relief we hoped for.

I wish you relief, and soon. I think we both need some more solid reasons for the continued pain.

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