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I am curious about a knee replacement for chronic knee pain although I am only 38 years old.

History: I have had knee problems for most of my life and have had four knee surgeries, three of those on my left knee. On my left, I have had two lateral release surgeries with cartilage repair and one other surgery that was general cartilage repair and cleanup. The last lateral release was about a year and a half ago. The right knee is sore some of the time, but at a level I would expect with the damage I have done.

Present: My knee is almost constantly swollen and I can hardly stand to walk about one day out of every three or four. I cannot sleep many nights from the pain. The kneecap seems to be tracking correctly, but I have pain everywhere in my knee. I do have a compression brace with a gel "doughnut" that goes around my kneecap, but that only helps when doing exercise. My doctor told me I did not have much arthritis last time I was in, but there is obviously something causing this pain. My Doctors have mentioned a knee replacement in the past, but have said I am too young.

So here are my questions: Has anyone had a similar experience? Has anyone else had a knee replacement for reasons other than arthritis? Not sure if I should press this with my doctor or not.

I know I'll never dunk a basketball again, but I would love to at least go for hikes again! Thanks in advance.

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