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New to knee pain!
Dec 28, 2013
I have had 2 traumatic brain injuries this year, both resulting in altered gait problems for a while. Most recent one in September, left me with a foot drop on the left, and my toe caught all the time so I would hike up and bear more weight on the right leg. After inpatient rehab, I had home care where we got a better gait pattern, however in doing single leg squats for strengthening, my right knee began making a grinding sound and hurting. Eventually my knee became swollen, and really hurt above and to the inside of my right kneecap. I also had some bruising discoloration, although I don't remember a fall ( memory isn't so great right now though). Went to Ortho, and he diagnosed me with arthritis under the kneecap a bone bruise and gave me a shot of cortisone. Bringing me back in 4 weeks after the shot. Grinding noise continues as does pain and some swelling. My kneecap feels squishy?? Like not like a waterbed, more like a gel area right above my knee is so sore, even to the touch,,,it also feels kinda raised or thicker than my other knee right there?? What do you guys think?

I should also mention that I am a 45 year old pediatric occupational therapist who has spent 23 years getting up and down off the floor, transferring patients, working in a hospital on my feet. Never had any trouble at all before my TBI though. He did mention scoping? MRI ? What would this be for?

Thanks so much! Looking forward to some help since I'm new to this knee stuff! What kinds of questions should I ask the Dr? I've also been wearing a little knee brace, and using a walker since my balance isn't restored yet from the TBI.

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