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I have just had a full right hip replacement in mid-October 2013. Prior to surgery I also had severe groin , back pain and what I called apinched nerve. Since I also have arthritis and known knee issues I assumed my knees were the problem. They The doctor and physical therapists looked at all my joints very closely and determined it was my hip that was the issue. It was far worse than my knees. Unfortunately hip and knee problems go together many times. Looking at all the joints at once is the only way to see what is really going on especialy if you have more than one thing going on at once; which I did. My bad gait from walking for a long time with joint issues caused my severe pain in my groin, back, thigh muscles, calf muscles and nerve problems. I am still dealing with correcting these issue along with the hip replacment in Physical Therapy. If you are walking badly in pain for a long time and your gait is off you can cause nerve issues. Prior to my surgery I had a Physical Therapist who did alot of manual deep tissue massage and lymph node release massage. This helped the nerves, groin and back pain for periods of time. Since my hip did need to be replaced, surgery was necessary for me. I have been told it will take 6 months for my muscles, nerves and gait to improve to the point that is necessary for recovery. Being in pian and walking badly for a long time takes lots of exercise and time to correct.

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