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Hi there,

I had total knee replacement on my left knee 8-1/2 weeks ago. I did not have a femoral block, just general anesthesia. I have been struggling off and on with what I believe is nerve pain, but mine goes from the knee area to the top of my foot. It feels like very quick, tingling pains, I think your bee sting description is good. I have been in outpatient PT for 3 weeks, and earlier this week the therapist put me in a new position for my icing/electrical stim part of the therapy. She had my feet elevated almost 90 degrees up in the air, after a minute or two the sensation in the top of my foot was awful. I tried using my other foot to slip my shoe off and that didn't help. I finally had to get the therapist to come and lower that end of the table. I had a lot of those jolting pains the rest of the day, both in my foot and just below my knee. I've had the problem off and on since surgery, but that was the worst (probably because I couldn't get out of the position myself and had to wait for help). I also experienced them a lot after using the CPM, when I still had one at home. Getting up would be torture, but it stop fairly quickly. The therapist tells me that nerve pain can be pretty common after this surgery, and does get better after a of luck in your recovery.

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