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[QUOTE=Bpain;5266729]Forgot to say that for a couple of weeks leading up to all of this, I noticed some stiffness in my hip/groin areas if I sat with my left leg pulled up slightly with my knee turned outwardly. I have a tendency to sit that way in my recliner and would not notice anything until I would go to move for the first time in 15 minutes or so. It would be a slightly painful stiffness, but it would quickly loosen up and go away.

Also, the days that it was pretty painful and not just aching, it would get worse during the day. So more movement = more pain.[/QUOTE]

Well here is what happened to me. I was in the Marine infantry which as you might guess is rather grueling on ones body. After several work ups for deployment and deployments to Iraq I basically said forget this and got out.

While I was in I did hurt my knee on a ruck run. The doctors saw me gave me some pain mess and let me on my way. Well what ended up happening to me was that injury never really healed. So I unknowingly compensated for this by changing the way I walk. This was one contributing factor to my FAI.

Next would be in Iraq my Humvee was struck by several road side bombs over the course of my deployments. The pressure there is so immense this more than likely is contributing to the pain.

Now on to my symptoms I got out of the Marines in 2006:
Shortly after I got out I started to have ankle problems, this was caused from my knee injury and me changing my stride and angle of my foot.
I got seen for that and was just told to do some stretches. Now, everything seemed fine after that for awhile. Maybe a year. Around 2007-8 I started to feel just general discomfort in my groin area. Nothing crazy just discomfort. I just shrugged it off as a muscle strain or something. Well I did this for years up until around June of 2013.

At this time I started to notice a dull pain in my groin that would not go away no matter what I did. I had just started a new job that required me to drive most of the day to different job sites. So again I just figured I'm sitting to much. So I would drive to a job site and stay longer until the pain was gone.

In oct 13 it started to get bad. The pain was so bad in my groin that i really felt like crying. I couldn't do things I wanted to do like go to a hockey game, just because I couldn't sit for that long.

By December I had lost it. Now I had pain on the outside of my hip as well as the groin and it was constant and I had a large popping sound coming from my groin almost every time I stood up. Standing didn't provide much relief now. I went to the Veterans hospital to see my dr she did the typical range of movement tests said I'm fine but scheduled me for a specialist. A month later I got to see this specialist again he did the range of motion test and had me turn my head and cough to rule out a hernia. He asked me a few diagonatic questions such as is there's any history of trauma where does it hurt when does it hurt the most and such. Well he put me in for an MRI which I had just a few days ago. And bam sure enough my hip isnt in a good way.
This is my MRI report:
1. Minimal fraying of the cartilage with mild subchondral bone
edema in the right hip superior and laterally. However, no areas
of full-thickness cartilage loss.
2. Linear hyperintense signal in the lateral labrum which does
not extend to the articular surface. Blunting of the
anterosuperior labrum. If there is concern for a labral tear,
consider an MRI arthrogram if clinically indicated.
3. Given the small focal bone convexity of the femoral head neck
junction anterolaterally and findings above, recommend
correlation with clinical history and physical exam for evidence
of femoral acetabular impingement.

Now I see the specialist again on the 3rd so he can tell me what's wrong, but I'm not a dummy. I know I'm hurt and I know it needs fixing.

I am only 30, FAI are very common in people in their 20's-40's who are very active in sports or military. My suggestion would be for you to get into the dr ASAP. Don't let this scare you. If it is not fixed you are asking for big problems later in life. And who knows it may not be an FAI. But it's best to rule it out. If it is easy surgery and back to 100% in 5 months and right out of the hospital the day of the surgery walking unassisted in a few days.

Best of luck.

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