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I followed the advice on this forum and had my right hip replaced exactly 6 weeks ago. I have a short shaft titanium and ceramic hip prosthesis, the op was mininally invasive with a small (8 cm) anterior cut. I stayed for 10 days in hospital then had 3 weeks in house rehab where I did exercises, had physiotherapy, elecro treatment, water therapy and lymph drainage as well as exercises at the gym every day. I feel fine, have no pain, was off meds after 4 weeks and am doing 45 mins of exercises at home every day.The doctors said my progress is very good. My only problem is stiff thigh muscles because of my protective gait for so long.

I was told all the usual restrictions, the 90 rule, not twisting, pillow between my knees on non-operated side when sleeping etc. My usual orhthopedic doctor whom I saw last week told me I could drive now (car with gears) - it is no problem, I tried and I can do it. According to him (but not the hospital) I don't need crutches any more?? my surgeon recommended them especially for climbing stairs?

What I would like to know is, when can I bend again to put on my shoes, cut my toe-nails, walk without crutches safely, climb stairs without them, sleep without the extra pillow?What about gym classes with weights (involving squats, another no no!) other classes at the gym? Do I have to wait 6 months as it says on some sites??

I read some things like crossing your legs should always be avoided from now on, as well as activities invloving jumping, twisting or high impact - so I know my beloved step aerobic classes are no longer possible..:nono: what else is banned for ever?

I know there is quite a bit on the subject already on this forum - but I wonder if modern non-invasive surgery leads to fewer restrictions?

Thanks for any information - Id be interested to hear from others who've had the surgery.

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