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hello everyone,
This is my 1st post. 7 months ago I had a bilateral knee replacement surgery.
My recovery (for the 1st 2 months was excellent!)

For the last few months both of my knees have been painful. Especially BENDING my knees!
I had my 6 month check up with the surgeon afew weeks back ( of course they took xrays !), the Dr. comes into the examaining room w/his laptop & asks me if I am having pain in my knees?
Of course my answer was YES! I said Dr. I have great difficulty & am in much pain getting in out of a chair. In fact I am in more pain now than I was 4 months ago on my 2 month check up. I seem to be going backwards!
He tells me that my kneecaps are out of line ! Thats why I am so much pain.
Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez HE operated on my knees !
He simply said, These things happen sometimes & the way to correct the problem would be for him to operate on my knees again, which means making a 3" incision on each knee & release the kneecap, align it. etc. This would require an overnight stay. And of course rehab again !

My dilema now is .Do I have him do the surgery or have another surgeon do it?
My brother is a periodontist & I am in close contact with him, his strong feeling are .THAT I WOULD BE CRAZY TO LET HIM OPERATE ON ME AGAIN. He actually starting yelling at me "HOW COULD YOU EVEN CONSIDER HAVING THE DR. WHO MESSED UP your knees like that, do surgery on you again?

I would appreciate others opinions on this and if anyone is familiar with my problem to chat with me.:)

Thank You,

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