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First of all, let me say I'm so sorry you're having so many problems with your hip replacement (I'm facing one myself but haven't reached my threshold yet.) I suspect one if your problems could be due to inactivity. I have osteoarthritis and osteoporosis and the less active I am, the worse I feel. Yeah, it sucks but sometimes you have to make yourself get going. If you continue to take the pain meds, you will likely NOT become addicted, you will become "dependent". (BIG difference & you may be doing yourself a favor by going into a PM program). They can't possibly tell you how much it will cost because it depends on what treatment(s) you receive (Office visits, epidurals, pain medication, possibly biofeedback, and multidisciplinary modes of pain management). Since they haven't seen you, they have no idea what types of treatment you will be getting or what you need. I have so many problems I couldn't even begin to tell you but I've been in pain management for almost 11 years. Yes I am physically dependent on my medications but that's where I need to be to manage my pain. I NEVER abuse my medication and I've never gotten what is called "high". When your body uses those drugs to manage pain, you don't get that same feeling. Believe me, if they didn't think you were a candidate for that, they would not offer it to you. If it's the cost that is your biggest concern, I would look into copayment relief programs (that's what I did). It certainly makes me feel bad for you and frightened for myself (since I'm facing a hip replacement) but when the pain becomes intolerable, I will have no other choice. It might not hurt you to speak to your pastor or someone who is an independent third-party that can be a voice of reason for you. Sometimes it helps to hear someone else say what you already suspect but are denying (I faced at least four of those situations in my life. When I hear three people tell me the same thing, I know that they are probably right and I'm wrong.). Reach out for some support, financially and emotionally, to get you back on track. You WILL be in a better place if you focus on reality (the pain won't go away by itself) and what must be done for you to move forward. It's often difficult to accept unfortunate situations in our life but that's reality (yeah, sometimes life is not fair. Once you become pro active and begin to do something about your problems, no matter how small the steps may be, you will feel a lot better.). Hugs to you & BEST of luck. I am praying for you.

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