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Hi im new here. I just registered today. Anyways, I think I may have a serious problem. Maybe not to serious where I will need surgery.  3 days ago i was playing basketball and I fell and heard something pop. another guy ran into my body while I was standing flat footed and I think my knee gave out and buckled. It hurt really bad. I didnt continue to play. I can bend it but it hurts just a little bit. Not to bad. There is very small swelling like at the bottom of my knee cap and on the outside of my right kneecap. Ive been doing the RICE method the last 3 days. It seems like it might be getting better on its own. Since its only the 3rd day I guess I cant expect to much. I think it might be a knee sprain maybe a grade 1 or 2. I dont think I tore any ligaments completely bc there isnt much swelling and there isnt any bruising. I can walk without it hurting to bad and I think if I tore my LCL completely it would hurt bad if I put pressure on it. Ice seems to help a little bit. I just want to know if u think it will heal on its own? I dont have any insurance so im hoping I wont have to go to the dr office. Ive been wearing a elastic knee brace around the house for the last 3 days. Ive barely taken it off. When I do take it off my knee does feel weaker slightly. I can bend it more and more every day. I just cant stand straight with that leg without it feeling like its going to buckle backwards like towards the back of my knee. I stand with that injured knee bent a little and it doesnt hurt. But when I have to force it to stand straight with my knee locked in place. Maybe im trying to do to much to early? It seems like the swelling is going down somewhat today. Really it just feels really stiff and really sore like I did squats for 90 hrs straight or something. When I just am sitting here it doesnt hurt at all. Is that a good sign? It only hurts when I bend it when im walking or bending it to see how far it will actually bend before it starts hurting. It doesnt even hurt that bad when I do bend it though. Maybe a 2 or 3 on a scale to 10. Like I said there is slight swelling above my actual knee cap and slight swelling on the outside of the knee cap. What do u think?

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