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Recently my hip/lower back problems have really been taking their toll on my daily life. At present, we are trying to find out exactly what is the root cause of all my pain.

I began having problems in 2008 when I was training to walk a half marathon. I was walking a few miles a day (3-4, then 8-12 on weekends) for months and I think it messed something up big time! At first we thought it was related to lower back, because I had previously had lower back problems stemming from an injury while doing pilates. So, in 2008 they did an MRI and everything was perfect on my back. Well, fast forward to now, and I just had another lumbar MRI done last week and it shows everything is fine there as well. I think this entire time my supposed 'low back pain' has been a red herring and the real problem is in my hip. I have had sciatic type pains sporadically since 2008. I have also been doing a lot of research on bursitis and so many of the symptoms sound like mine including: pain in low back and buttocks as well as groin area, diminished range of motion in affected hip, limp (the latest symptom), a clicking, snapping or catching feeling in hip. Earlier this evening I was laying down in bed for about 30 minutes on my side and then got out of bed and the pain was so bad I actually yelled out. It has just gotten so bad lately. It's very hard for me to roll over in bed- my hip feels so heavy and causes sharp stabbing pains. Then during the day when I sit, it feels awful too.

I see the doctor tomorrow and he is going to order an MRI for my hip. At this point I'm pretty convinced that bursitis is the culprit. Does anyone know if you need the dye injection for the MRI to show bursitis? Or will a standard MRI without injection show it if it is there as well?

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