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My knee was checked for arthritis that was clear,I haven't went back for check up since the xray looked fine. I rescheduled for later this month I think torn meniscus which you cant see on xray might be the next thing they will look into. Last year I had a big pop in that knee that followed by pain a few got better and then off and on I have clicking,stiffneess,popping,pain with straightening my leg and at times it feels swallen on the inner part of my left knee on side and up top alittle on right side. I carried my 46pd kid up the steps the other 30 of them and that followed with a ton of pain and what felt like swelling..but to me it didn't look alot bigger than other knee. I am having pain off and on again to where it bothers me..yesterday it started again and all last night. Sitting indian style and then getting up I will have pain at times also..bending knee to get up at times I get cracking popping and pain..I have had my knee go out on me going up and down the steps a few times. Its not every day since this but periods of times its fine and then others I will have week of pain cracking popping inflamed feeling. What was your experience?

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