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Has anyone experienced this? I had lateral release surgery (and some arthritis cleanup of debris etc and unfolding/unwrinkling meniscus, removal of bakers cyst etc)..and just a week out i was walking 1.5 miles normally, climbing stairs etc. Then the swelling started which took a few drains to get down. And I started PT then 3 weeks in because of swelling etc.

ANYHOO, now it is very unstable and I'm 6 weeks post surgery. I walk and it "freezes" up or stiffens. I cannot explain it. I'm limping.

I am in PT and she says this is unique but she's trying to help.

has anyone else experienced this? The doctor seems to have no explanation but said more aggressive PT and I'll be healing for 6 months but this does not seem right to me. I am not overweight and was active with no pain prior to this surgery. I did have what another ortho called a "slipping kneecap" this one disagreed but every few years my knee would go completely out. And he didn't say he'd do a lateral release but did once he got in there.

I need help. Has anyone else had problems walking after lateral release after 6 weeks and did this ever resolve itself?

Thank you!

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