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I don't exactly remember how my knee problems started, but I do know that they have become a lot more noticeable over the last few months.

I have chronic foot and ankle problems on my left side. I've had multiple sprains and fractures since about 2005 and I had an ankle arthroscopy in 2010 to help clean out scar tissue that was causing me problems. I have also marched in marching bad for many years and I work out regularly. I believe that my knee problems are a result of my ankle issues and possibly from the maneuvers that I would do while marching.

Anyway, as of late, I have been noticing more and more frequently that when I stand up, I feel and hear a popping/snapping in my left knee. This comes along with some discomfort and occasionally a tearing pain. I also notice some instability when doing this and while just walking, especially in the back and inner side of my knee. When I went to the chiropractor for my latest adjustment he said he thinks I have an overstretched ligament and to wear a brace. I've been wearing a brace for over a week now and I don't feel any improvement. In fact, I was woken up this morning by some really wild muscle cramps/spasms surrounding my knee.

I'm starting to become concerned and I don't know whether or not I should go to an orthopedic. Does this sound like something serious?


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