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[QUOTE=Chairlady;5342272]i am now 8 weeks post total knee replacement... i had my left one done 2 years ago.... in between i had pttd of the ankle.. i feel my first one was less painful then the second one.. maybe my body was taking a toltal of this being my third big surgery in 2 years.. at this point i think i am doing pretty good.. it was a long haul.... as of now i am walking with no hlep of any contraptions... no more raised toilet seats.. no walker.. no cane.. just myself.. started driving last what a relief!!! the cold weather is not helping much!! the problem now that i am having is the stiffness in the knee.. most of all i have a problem at night.. i fall asleep and then after 2 hours i am up for the rest of the night!! thank goodness for netflix!!! i take a voltaren during the day as an anti night i take two vicodin but it doesnt do much.... i had nerve pain in back of the knee going down my calf.. the dr. said its inflammed nerve and gave me a new rx.. which i decided not to take.. used heaating pad before going to sleep.. so that subsided.... so now to try to fall sleep at night!! any advice from anyone!![/QUOTE]
Hi Chairlady:
My reaction to your post is that maybe you should go back to your contraptions for a while to give your body more help in getting back to normal. It is no disgrace to use them for a while to make it easier for your body to heal.

I had found that too much activity during the day is what was leading to my pain during the night before my hip replacement - the first one of two. Pain at night seems to be worse when one is "too" active. If we "listen" to our body it is pretty reliable in telling us what to do and not to do! At least that has been my experience. You are still in "early days" of your recovery. There is no big rush! You have had lots of major surgery in the last three years and it takes time for the body to get back to normal.

I admire your desire to off strong drugs, but if the new prescription would help you get your sleep pattern back to what is normal for you, you might want to give it a try? You can always stop taking the new drug if it doesn't do the job.

I had Turner Classic Movies to watch during the nights I could not sleep after my two hip replacements and I agree with you that these films are a great blessing when one can't get back to sleep.
Please let us know how things are coming along for you!

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