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... Bursitis is felt directly in the back of the hip or on the side, not the thigh. Thigh pain usually is a result of a back problem. ... (1 replies)
... Anyways, he has me taking Aleve twice a day and after the 2nd dose I was walking nearly pain free again. I'm so glad that it worked and I'm getting better now. ... (607 replies)
... was fine until last week when I began to experience pain in the outer thigh area under the hip. it was painful to walk upstairs and I even felt soreness from my hip up to my waist. I was told to ice it and take nsaids, and if all else failed, I would be given a cortisone injection. ... (1 replies)

... looking at the limited range of motion. I am a swimmer, and breast stroke is my fav. stroke, Kissa, with your replacement, would you still be able to move your hip into the outward position without dislocating it? ... (30 replies)
... I am scheduled to have THR in a few months. My brother, who is going in for his second hip replacment, had tremendous problems with bursitis after surgery. What are the recommendations around removing the bursa sac while you are having your hip replaced? ... (0 replies)
... off the floor is an effort. I'll begin to push up with the good leg but when I bring that THR leg up and push it hurts in that same area. My OS has xray'd that hip many times since the surgery last August and has repeatedly told me the operation was successful and everything is where it should be. ... (607 replies)
... great news from you too!!! I hope my new hip will be kind to me also. ... (607 replies)
... I've had cortisone shots in left hip due to bursitis, and tremendous muscle aches. ... (607 replies)
... Welcome Gram... I had numbness in my leg for quite a while after the surgery. ... (607 replies)
... Morning everyone! Chris you sound great. I'm so glad things are going well for you!! I too am a side sleeper and having to sleep on my back was a killer!! I did exactly what you did; pulled myself on my other side for awhile watching TV as a distraction from the pulling of the stitches. Ripanco - no teds here either! And no wedge; just a good pillow. Legs - It... (607 replies)
... e to have physical therapy, I've now had my 3rd session of heat, and ultrasould, the PT said he believes the ache in the buttocks is from muscles, but due to the hip surgery, I can't do exercises to help it. ... (607 replies)
... concern that I'm going to have to address when we get home. I've been having some "aches" in the buttock of the THR. I caught a post on the other thread about bursitis and I have a funny feeling I have bursitis, again but this time for some reason it's affecting my "butt". Not all day long, but it's anoying when it's there. ... (607 replies)
... I was told that I had bursitis in the hip area, had the cortisone shot, which did not help once the novacaine wore off. ... (78 replies)
... t until you get the other side done. A PT could tell you this or your dr. Should have. You need to be measured so you can wear a corrective shoe. You can develop bursitis in the hip as well if not. ... (7 replies)
... Morning Hippy Friends!! Good to see everyone! hip2it - oh the dreaded "bursitis". Would you believe I had developed that around the new joint from all the PT and exercises I was doing. I went back on my good ole Bextra and within a few weeks it was gone. Glad that's only what it was for you, but you too have to take it easy. legtoolong - you can't push yourself to... (607 replies)
... I don't have the length problem. I believe it's Silver and legtoolong. But I'm really glad your bursitis is getting better. ... (607 replies)
Constant Hip Pain
Aug 16, 2015
... ray showed my hip was a total loss and they referred me to a surgeon who agreed but said that my hip alone probably wasn't causing all the nerve pain in my hip, thigh, knee, calf, foot. ... (7 replies)
... i too kinda started out like that and after many injection and then a bursa removal of my left hip which was the BIGGEST mistake of my whole life!! this surgery is not one that is done often because that fluid filled sack protect things from rubbing together. ... (21 replies)
... A common spot for bursitis is on the side of the hip. Here a large tendon passes over the bony bump on the side of the hip. The bony bump is called the greater trochanter. ... (24 replies)
Hip Bursitis
Oct 13, 2008
... About 9 months after TKA I started having hip pain. Everyone thought it was an adjustment to my gait. I went through every treatment for the hip over the next year. I started with anti inflammatory and glucosamine. My OS said the glucosamine worked for some and to try it for 6 weeks. ... (6 replies)

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