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... My doctor also said he was pleased with my xray. However, unlike you, he did not really touched me physically to check my hip. He asked me to walk a little for him to see and looked at my xray. ... (28 replies)
... Well it's been 13 weeks since my surgery, hip hurts more than ever, and my back was damaged during the surgery. Although after quitting my doc and getting steroid shots in my back, the back is some better, but the groin spasms are unbeliveable at times. ... (11 replies)
... not to mention a newly replaced one! And I also don't know much about what goes on in yoga but imagine that some poses would be hard on the hips, replaced or not. ... (1 replies)

... Yes Hi!!!! I don't come to the board as often now that I've gone back to work full time. How are all of our other "hippy buddies"? ... (5 replies)
... id xrays show nothing then and I had bad infection every surgery I have had I had infection just like did 8 scopes on me kept tell dr something aint wright found after a year scope I have a rare condition swallowing call acalashia 1 in 100. ... (0 replies)
... After going through a very difficult recovery from my right THR I was starting to feel much better. ... (3 replies)
THR Surprises
Nov 11, 2008
... in case I start to stumble or get dizzy or something like that. ... (6 replies)
... and, like you, cannot leave the cane. I went back to work 3 weeks ago and thank goodness it has only been part time because after 4 to 6 hours, my hip is ready to come home and rest. At home I've been able to walk short distances without aid but any time I go out I have to use either my cane or one of my crutches. ... (42 replies)
... Hey, Girl, you don't have to sweat it so much! Life will be wonderful again! Now I do not know what type of THR you have had, but you are very young and said it was from OA, so I have to assume you did not have any other underlying, debilitating reasons for you THR. ... (26 replies)
... After spending my late 50s trying to talk myself out of the possibility that I could actually need a hip replacement, I am now a proud "double hippy", that is both of my hips have been replaced. ... (1 replies)
... Greetings my hippie friends. Getting back to the old routine after being on vacation is hard. Back to reality!! Karen, it's interesting to read posts from other dancers. ... (607 replies)
... We have solo Nekky kayaks which I was able to get on and off the roof rack by mid summer. They weigh about 48 lbs if I remember right. I had to have help getting it down some of the banks into rivers, but mostly could manage it myself. ... (23 replies)
... that ran straight across the crease in the front of my hip. I've had that pain for 2 years and could not lift my leg holding it straight. I actually would have to take both hands, grab the back of my leg just above the knee and lift my leg into the vehicle and the same for walking up stairs. ... (607 replies)
... I think I'm being selfish, but it is a kind of mourning the 'old' you. I think we all were doing the same thing before the surgery by wishing that we could go back to the days when we didn't have the arthritis. I think that my hopes were higher before the surgery but we have to give this more time. ... (607 replies)
... This was the only medication that really took care of my stiffness and pain. I guess I'll have to call today and get a replacement drug. My friend takes Mobic and swears by it. She also said it goes to work "quicker" than most do. ... (607 replies)
... I'm trying not to worry too much but its hard after reading so much here and some of it is discouraging. My hubby is only 46 and has had 4 back operations and still suffers in pain everyday. We've known he had a problem with his hips, the right one being much worse and 2 doctors recommended a THR. ... (14 replies)
... Welcome to a great board with tons of info. ... (6 replies)
... re the adductor muscle pretty badly apparently. My doctor said that the nerves are being tugged at because I have delaminated cartilage and he knows it isn't my back because I've had an EMG and MRI to prove it. ... (19 replies)
... I had aTHR last summer and ned to get my other one done soon. Sleeping was a problem after for some reason. I mean I had no pain it was wonderul not to be in pain anymore. The surgery was wonderful for me I healed right up with no problems. ... (18 replies)
... My hubby didn't expect this surgery to be as bad as all his back operations. He said its far worse than any surgery he has been through and he was regretting this just like you. ... (14 replies)

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