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Constant Hip Pain
Aug 16, 2015
... I'm actually writing this for my wife who is in almost constant pain from her right hip. It has progressively gotten worse since 2012 when she was treated for bursitis. ... (7 replies)
... For the past two weeks I have had constant knee, thigh, and leg pain. It's shooting pain and sometimes throbbing pain down my leg most of the day. No pain meds help. I didn't do anything to pull any muscles. It was out of the blue! Should I be worried!? ... (4 replies)
... I no that he can't understand the pain I'm feeling. And couldn't imagine there is Nothing that can be done? ... (2 replies)

Constant Hip Pain
Aug 20, 2015
... Thanks for further information. I must start off by saying sciatica without any back pain was the beginning of my entire set of pain issues that started 8 years ago. ... (7 replies)
... For about 4 years now, I have been in near enough constant pain. It started off with my knees, sometimes a dull ache kind of pain, and then others it would be sharp shooting pains. ... (2 replies)
Hip pain? HELP
May 6, 2012
... My problems started in August 2010, with pain in my left thigh and this has progressed to me know having a permanent limp, constant groin and thigh pain and very limited mobility. ... (3 replies)
... because of too much friction or because of an injury to the bursa. An inflamed bursa can cause pain because movement makes the structures around the bursa rub against it. ... (24 replies)
Constant Hip Pain
Aug 16, 2015
... ray showed my hip was a total loss and they referred me to a surgeon who agreed but said that my hip alone probably wasn't causing all the nerve pain in my hip, thigh, knee, calf, foot. He also looked at my lumbar MRI from 8 years ago and wondered why they had never sent me to a back specialist. ... (7 replies)
... There's a possibility, as you are describing shooting pain, that the pain is originating from your back. Do you have any symptoms back pain, personal history, or family history? ... (4 replies)
... since I have OA everywhere else. So I put up with the pain and avoided telling my Dr. ... (24 replies)
... Thank you are responding! I appreciate it! I have some lower back pain but I was just diagnosed with gallstones and a slightly enlarged liver. ... (4 replies)
... Thank you!! I was kinda hoping my leg pain was just related to the gallstones cuz I didn't have any of this stuff till I was diagnosed with them. I will talk to my surgeon I go in the beginning of April. ... (4 replies)
... It's possible that the issue triggering your gallstones and/or enlarged liver is pressing on a nerve. The nerve compression or impingement can cause those types of shooting pains. You may also have changed your posture to compensate for abdominal discomfort, which could be aggravating a nerve. When you go back to your treating doctor (I am assuming internist), make sure to... (4 replies)
Knee fusion
Jan 29, 2012
... tation. I had it fused, which is not a good choice no matter how you look at it. It has been a life changing experience. I was told that I would be in no more pain after this. This is not true, since I have more pain now than before. I have to drive with hand controls, and my leg resting in the passanger seat. ... (43 replies)
... Hi there. I've been having some problems with hip pain and I'm not sure which direction to take next in seeking treatment. ... (1 replies)
... Over time, this issue has progressed to be worse over time. Currently, I have constant pain in the hip which feels like a deep ache or soreness. The pain is usually localized in the front or inner side of the hip joint, but I am not able to feel it with my fingers. ... (0 replies)
... Hi, I am not a good writer so bear with me here please. I also have been through the ringer, so it is a little confusing for me. I have had back pain for over 2 years now. It actually started in my neck and would give me really bad migraines. ... (6 replies)
Chronic Knee Pain
Sep 12, 2011
... when I awoke from that surgery my right knee was hurting, but I was in the hospital on a pain pump for two days so I didn't think about it to much. When I got home in another two day my knee was very swollen and walking was very difficult! ... (3 replies)
... A year ago in July, my dog tripped me during our evening walk. Since then I have been in constant pain. I had back surgery in November 2010 to relieve the pressure on my nerves in the lower 3 vertebra. After that I was still in pain. ... (10 replies)
... tore the labrum in the right hip, which forced me to having the right hip replacement. I've had some relief from the extreme pain in the replaced hip, but I thought things would be much better by now. ... (1 replies)

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