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... I'm receiving are a product of Ferring Pharma. This HA is not made from processed chicken or rooster combs, which eliminates the chance of an allergic response in people sensitive to poultry products. ... (33 replies)
Cortisone shots
Oct 10, 2007
... years ago i tore a tendon in my knee and got a cortisone shot in my knee. I ended up hurting it further because i couldn't tell that i was overworking it due to numbness. ... (0 replies)
... It will take the inflamation down, i haven't had one in the knee but have had two lots of steriods in my hip, it felt fantastic withing a couple of hours, and i could hardly walk before the shot, i hope it is the same for you :) (1 replies)

... I had a cortisone shot 3 months ago in my right hip. It worked immediately and I've pain pain free since. However, the past week or so, I noticed I have sudden knee pain. Sometimes I can walk normally and suddenly when I put weight on my right foot, I have severe pain in the bone in the right knee. ... (1 replies)
... Sitting here reading this, and it seems like I wrote my knee problems here already. I'm 58 yrs old, and some 15 or 20 yrs ago a dr told me that my cartlidge was wearing in my knees, and that in a few years I would probably need a tkr. ... (25 replies)
... go with him. He is more thorough than the other doc and has a better bedside manner. He said that surgery wouldn't be his first choice. He'd rather give me a cortisone shot in my knee joint or PT. I did PT a few years ago for knee pain. ... (12 replies)
Cortisone shots?
Mar 10, 2010
... I'm 69 yrs old, went to bed one night feeling fine, but in the morning I had bad pain in my right knee, so I went to the walk in clinic at my hospital. They xrayed both knee's and said I had mild arthritis in both. ... (7 replies)
... I had a cortizone injection in the doctors office followin TKR. After 3 weeks the shot wore off, so he scheduled a knee manipulation did 7 injections in my knee and another cortizone injection to the hip, that one lasted 4 days. ... (8 replies)
... It might be I get pain in my hip round my back and right down to me knee when my hip is really playing up and the pains in the 3 areas are all different types of pains my hip joint is a very dull pain as well as lower back hip down to my knee is a sharp dagging pain like a knife and my but down to the back of me knee is like a deep burning pain I am having my op soon I so... (1 replies)
Scheduled for tkr
Feb 27, 2012
... I wish you luck and I say you should go ahead and have it. My knee gives me problems and then improves but the bottom line is that it is not going to get better. I feel it is not a matter of IF, but WHEN. ... (16 replies)
Scheduled for tkr
Feb 27, 2012
... I have had other knee surgeries, but this one really scares me. ... (16 replies)
Cortisone shots?
Mar 11, 2010
... Before we moved to Florida, after years of having my primary care doctor try different pain killers on me, I went to an orthopaedic doc in VA. ... (7 replies)
... Yes I DO know all about TKR's! I better because I'm having my second one next month! ... (56 replies)
... Please help! At the age of 28 I joined the military before this I had never had any issues with my knee. I also have to admit that I did not exercise before joining the service. I have now been in the military for a little over a year. ... (0 replies)
... I'm really looking forward to getting MY left knee replaced this spring. ... (56 replies)
... I think specific exercises would be more useful than a cortisone shot. Cortisone shot stops pain caused by swelling, it won't make your knee stronger. ... (5 replies)
... I did have sort of a similar experience in Sept of 2005. I was cleaning out a closet in my father's house to get the house ready for sale. ... (2 replies)
May 18, 2010
... then this past year I had flairups. You mentioned shots, was it a cortisone shot? ... (519 replies)
Cortisone shots?
Mar 10, 2010
... you don't say why you need the cortisone shots, how long you have been in pain, your age and your prognosis. I had several cortisone shots prior to having a Total knee replacement. I was 53 and trying to hold off the TKR and was bone on bone with arthritis. For me the were not too bad. ... (7 replies)
... and they did nothgin. Cortisone helped to postpone my TKR because they said I was too young. Osteoarthritis progressed from fall at age 32 until first TKE at age 56. When Dr. ... (3 replies)

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