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Cortisone shots?
Mar 10, 2010
... you don't say why you need the cortisone shots, how long you have been in pain, your age and your prognosis. I had several cortisone shots prior to having a Total knee replacement. I was 53 and trying to hold off the TKR and was bone on bone with arthritis. For me the were not too bad. ... (7 replies)
Cortisone shots?
Mar 12, 2010
... My hospital's protocol is, xrays, pt, cortisone shots, then MRI, then knee replacement in that order. ... (7 replies)
... Has anyone tried the cortisone shots to prolong hip replacement surgery? ... (4 replies)

... The first one I had before any surgery gave me instant relief. Had I known of the problems I am having I would have continued with the shots if I could. ... (7 replies)
... Can cortisone shots in the knee cause damage? ... (7 replies)
... I have been suffering for about 9 months with hip pain, MRI showed trocanteric bursitis. After 3 cortisone shots, the last one guided via CT scan, the shots did something, but now pain has returned in the same area as before. I had PT for 8 weeks, now a stretching exercise program all with no results. ... (0 replies)
Cortisone shots?
Mar 10, 2010
... Can anyone tell me about cortisone shots in the knee's? ... (7 replies)
... I had one in 2008 from the first doc I saw and then felt I needed another opinion and that doc gave me one which was about eight monts later. I then decided since this was not going to get better I would have the TKR by this second doc who is extremely well known in his field. I had so much PT it is unreal. My Internist sent me to another doc because he feels something is... (7 replies)
... Do you know how many cortisone shots you can have in a year? ... (7 replies)
Cortisone shots?
Apr 26, 2010
... You should find a doctor who does Cortisone shots often and doesn't talk about the pain. ... (7 replies)
Cortisone shots?
Mar 11, 2010
... l great recommendations, I went to my new Doc in Orlando. The first day she told me that I had a lot of fluid in my knee and that we should remove it and try a cortisone shot. I said fine, when do you want to do it? ... (7 replies)
... I used to tolerate cortisone well and it did indeed help my left knee in February after tearing the meniscus. ... (7 replies)
... My boyfriend's pm doctor gave him cortisone shots but also used lidocane so he got up and walked out without any pain. ... (8 replies)
Cortisone shots?
Mar 12, 2010
... Had knee surgery in Jan, fluid taken out by mid feb. Also at that time, had cortisone shot, not painful at all. I actually watched as they drew the fluid out and then watched as they put the cortisone in. ... (7 replies)
... nd out of PT for years because I was too young for TKR. Finally found an Ortho Surgeon I liked and trusted. He confirmed I was bone to bone but suggested I try cortisone shots for a time. ... (9 replies)
... My OS nurse has same knee issues as I do, she says that side effects take longer to go away with each time you get cortisone. yes, the hot flashes were awful. I just wondered if any of you had heard about damage being done with them. (7 replies)
... So I had the same questions before. When I asked this, an OT told me that the cortisone helps reduce swelling by eliminating (I think she actually said it dissolves the ligament) the "frayed" portions of the ligament or tendon. If you get too many of them, you can weaken or thin out your ligament in the area of the injection. I'm not too sure how much truth there is to... (7 replies)
Cortisone shots?
Mar 25, 2010
... Before you get a cortisone shot don't they deaden your knee first? ... (7 replies)
... I've had several cortisone shots and all though they are not real comfortable, they certainly did not in the least bit cause me to pass out. ... (8 replies)
Cortisone shots
Oct 10, 2007
... years ago i tore a tendon in my knee and got a cortisone shot in my knee. I ended up hurting it further because i couldn't tell that i was overworking it due to numbness. ... (0 replies)

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