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... eins in his right leg and it can't be fixed. His foot is swollen and discolored. And now his hip is worse than ever and the only thing the surgeon can offer is a cortizone shot to try and reduce the swelling. ... (0 replies)
... I did with no relief & in fact, the pain got worse. My current OS thinks the prior one may have missed the joint space entirely. I've had 3 Effluxa shots with much better results. I think the cortisone works for some, but not for others (3 replies)
... They help, for a while. But no drug will help long term. I had lots of them in each knee. Also had the scoping and scraping. And the shots of artificial joint fluid(Synvisc, Hyalgan etc). If it can be done to save a knee, I've had it done. But age and constant knee use sooner or later leaves you with no cartilage. then you have a choice....wheelchair for life or knee... (3 replies)

... Ray and doctor says prosthesis is fine. Has prescribed cortizone shot. Does this just provide sypmtomatic relief or can it cure the problem? ... (0 replies)
... (12 replies)
... t know why sent to pain mgt dr for epiderals and additional cortizone shot in hip after surgery. No garanty of success from this type surgery you may be lucky but is a long slow recovery. Nothing help the pain i try to live with it. ... (12 replies)
... (17 replies)
... ve been having problems with my right knee. It is painful at times, when I squat the wrong way, sit down, get up out of bed sometimes, extend it fully. I got a cortizone shot from my family doc which didn't do much of anything. ... (17 replies)
... I was taking 3 Lortabs and 300mg of Seraquel to kill the pain and it's NOT working.. I also got a Cortizone shot to my knee 20 pays post op... ... (1 replies)
... The steroids made me feel awful for a few days. The first one I had was great. Have had 3 since then with no pain relief after 2 days. I had arthroscopy 10 days ago and couldn't be more pleased at this time. Blessed relief, will have other knee scoped asap!! I suffered for a full year with torn meniscus in both knees until I couldn't walk out of the house. Wish I had done... (2 replies)
... I wonder what came of this? (16 replies)
... ee atrophied and I could not straighten it out nor lock the knee back in place and the pain was excruciating! It took a month of PT before the surgeon gave me a cortizone shot. That worked. Now I'm finding I awaken in the middle of the night with bad knee pain. ... (1 replies)
... The feeling you get like an ace bandage I also get sometimes and I think it is caused from swelling. I'm wondering if a cortizone shot would help. ... (7 replies)
... she said she thought it was bursitis. Just told me to take some IB, and if it worsened when I came back 3 weeks later, she would see about a cortizone shot. Went back, told her it was much worse and I developed another area nearby on an area on my lower back that had the same symptoms. ... (6 replies)
... I called my dr again this morning & I think they just got sick of me complaining.. Because she told me to come in tomarrow at 4pm to see the doctor. I know its hard to give medicine without knowing the outcome of the MRI so I totally understand that.. but I am taking alot of medicine for it to not work.. I would of rathered more vicodin lol. Thanks for all of your help. I will... (16 replies)
... Well if you were on Vicodin, I can see why he didn't give you anything stronger. He probably gave you the Darvocet to see if a different med compound would work. The next step up from Vicodin would be pretty strong like something they'd use post surgery...getting something that strong when you've not even seen him for MRI results or discussed what is actually wrong with your... (16 replies)
... Thanks.. I appreciate the advice.. I just am so frustrated.. I told the ortho dr that I was taking vicodin & it wasnt working & he asked me if I wanted stronger pain meds & I told him yes & he prescribed darvocet.. That really upsets me that he gave me stuff that was less. (16 replies)
... Darvocet is actually one step above tylenol with codeine, then darvocet, then vicodin. You might want to be real careful about getting pain meds from a different doc besides your ortho, if he's the one treating you, some docs don't like this and consider it "doctor shopping". And if he hasn't wanted you on anything stronger then he probably will not be pleased that you went... (16 replies)
... I have heard from numerous people that Darvocet is weak.. When I saw the doctor 2-3 weeks ago he told me that it was strong medicine & stronger than vicodin.. I am going to keep trying to see what they can do. I do have an appt with my family doctor on thursday if they cant give me something.. I cant stand this pain.. It is attacking the nerves in my legs too.. I sound like a... (16 replies)
... You are on very weak pain meds, but like I said the chance of them giving you anything stronger before seeing you is very slim. There is not really anything else they can do for you until the doc sees you. Not to be a killjoy but I think you'll most likely end up having to suffer through this trip and then seeing him when you get back. (16 replies)

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