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... I'm not supposed to cross my legs or twist, but that's about it. I could put total weight on it the 2nd day with a walker, no crutches. ... (26 replies)
... the hip replacement is so that you WON'T be so sedentary and you should expect the next 20 yrs. ... (6 replies)
Hip pain
Apr 13, 2012
... So, eight weeks ago I went to the emergency room, with horrible pain in my left hip region, outside, inside, groin and my leg felt week. ... (3 replies)

... i had a hip resurface done instead of a total hip replacement cos im nly 25. it means that the ball of my joint is metal and the socket. in about 25 years i will need a full replacement. ... (16 replies)
... it. I decided I might as well wait since it is getting into sandal weather anyway. Hopefully it will even up as he says it will. I asked him about crossing my legs at ankle...I thought I could never cross legs again, but he said I can. They tell you that at beginning because of blood clots...that was exciting to me. ... (607 replies)
... My mother had a fall and broke her hip and had a partial hip replacement. ... (3 replies)
... Fell off a horse. Knee went over the top fence board, and hung from rail. Swelling around knee, a locking feeling in knee cap and pain with activity. Over time pain increased along with swelling and frequency of pain. ... (2 replies)
... cramps for years. It actually is much better since my hip surgery, but I do still get it. It very well may be a small muscle called the periformis. You can sit on a tennis ball and roll it around where it hurts. ... (607 replies)
... r will be in. I assume you suffer from osteoarthritis and that condition just doesn't get anything but worse and sometimes rather rapidly. I'm a veteran of two hip replacements. ... (16 replies)
... For 18 years I don't think to hip replacement, but now is time to do. ... (13 replies)
... I never crossed my legs. That just wasn't how I sat. I do however cross them at the ankles sometimes while lying in bed watching TV. ... (607 replies)
... I should have very little problems walking, unassisted, for far longer periods of time than I am experiencing. He was concerned, even given the known problem of pain management, that I am experiencing pain while off my feet in bed, even after sleeping. He wants to see me early next week. ... (10 replies)
... My left hip has bothered me for many years. Im 32 and it probably started in my early 20's. Started as just a small pain when I sat in a strange position. Lasted a few hours and went away...well as time goes on im unable to cross my legs cause the uncrossing part is to painful. ... (1 replies)
... Thanks for the answer... my surgeon saied is better total hip replacement instead resurfacing, but we can discuss the next time I go to the surgeon. ... (13 replies)
... you know sunshine, i have the same feeling in my knee!!!!! i thought, good grief - do i need a knee replacement too!!!!! makes sense tho that we favor the parts that don't hurt until they start hurting as well. i called and there are no openings to move my surgery up. it's only several weeks - i think i can hang in there. i don't smoke so i don't have to worry about that.... (4 replies)
... One of the more than 50 side effects of this meds.was that one morning I woke up,couldn't walk from the pain in my groin.At first I thought it was only one of my usual flare ups ,The pain never went away. ... (11 replies)
... u will have to make some changes in your life. Yes you could in theory keep jumping around the stage and do high impact sports BUT it will lessen the life of the hip itself. Hips today can last as long as 20 years if you have a good surgeon utilizing the newest techniques. ... (10 replies)
... Hello to all you hip friends... ... (607 replies)
... I do cross my ankles. I'd wait a little on that lift. I too thought that one was longer than the other but it worked itself out. ... (607 replies)
... do. I am still exercising with tension band, and walking on the treadmill, and can see steady improvement. My doctor tells me that everything is good, that the hip isn't going to pop out, and that he expects it to last indefinitely. He also says he would expect me to always have a slight limp, when I get tired. ... (3 replies)

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