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... and from the sound of them, glad I didn't. Years ago my sister used crutches after a hip replacment and they gave her a lot of strain on her underarms and back. I think a walker would have worked better for her, too. I love my walker! ... (6 replies)
... Only 5 weeks after your hip replacement is, in my opinion, as the people in the UK, say, "very early days". ... (16 replies)
... you have four years on me. I have really had to work on flexibility for the past ten years. I have my own set of stretches that I do regularly, gentle upper body and legs. I used to do alot of yoga, but, of course, many of the poses are not appropriate now. ... (607 replies)

... in my hip before I went in to hospital for the surgery. ... (2 replies)
... This was the only medication that really took care of my stiffness and pain. I guess I'll have to call today and get a replacement drug. My friend takes Mobic and swears by it. She also said it goes to work "quicker" than most do. What do you guys take if anything for stiffness or aches? ... (607 replies)
... My mother had a fall and broke her hip and had a partial hip replacement. ... (3 replies)
... Welcome to this wonderful board. I don't remember being shaky and stiff two months after my right hip replacement, but I do know that the more walking you do with your new hip, the better. ... (9 replies)
... boomer generation all the joint replacements are going to become much more prevalent.I guess all the years of ballet finally caught up with me. Luckily, my other hip seems to be pretty normal. Another thing I remember was how much I used a reacher. What a great invention. ... (607 replies)
... Welcome! It's always nice to meet someone new. I definately would not wait if you're in that much pain. Greg and Karen said, find a "temporary" solution to the pain until you can make arrangements for that hip replacement. ... (607 replies)
... Had THR 9 days ago now. It seems I can deal with the pain and stiffness but I have huge pain behind my right knee since right after operation that is like a bad toothache. I also noticed a huge purple bruise there. ... (143 replies)
... We moved from the suburbs so now I have no lawn work to do. Good thing! I miss it though. Right now my left hip osteoarthritis keeps me from going for walks. Replaced right hip is perfect! ... (16 replies)
... am highly motivated to get on with my life, which was being severly limited by OA. My dh and I are athletes. ... (2 replies)
... Well now I can finally post with some experience. I have only been here to ask lots and lots of questions, but now that I have had my surgery, I can tell you how I feel about it. ... (16 replies)
... (2 replies)
... I am a 49 year old female who had initial right hip replacement in late November. I had the minimally invasive procedure and walked out of the hospital that night. Less than 3 weeks later I had a staph infection in the joint and the surgeon "washed out" the joint. ... (2 replies)
... days in your recovery. the recovery period isn't a race, it's far better to take whatever time we each need to recover to our fullest possible potential after a hip replacement, or indeed any major surgery. ... (16 replies)
... Thanks again for your input. You are right in all you say. I know I have overdone it and now have to pay the price. My hands are numb and getting callouses from using the crutches too much, my tailbone and left shoulder aches so I know I have been doing too much. ... (16 replies)
... My mom, who is 53 years old had a THR in mid august. After she came home within the first week and a half her home health nurse didnt like the way her wound looked, it was oozing a pinkish white, to red and it was warm to the touch. ... (0 replies)
... Eight weeks ago I had a total right hip replacement. ... (3 replies)
... surgeons are a little different, so what might be right for me may not be for you, so the final say has to come from your surgeon. The type of surgery, prothesis and your strength will make a big difference in chance of dislocation. ... (6 replies)

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