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... Have you filed under FMLA? FMLA allows 12 wks while your job is protected. Check with your HR dept. If its a workers comp case, that's a whole different set up. A PKR is a faster recoup than a TKR....I am post op day 6 for a partial knee...2 wks is NOT a likely time frame for me. 8 - 12 wks is more realistic. Bones take an average of 6 wks to heal, then factor in rehab... (3 replies)
... I have been told I need to have Partial Knee Replacement surgery. My doctor said 3 months off work. I've researched on internet and have seen 2 weeks to 6 months. ... (3 replies)
... As others have posted it really just depends on your job, your stamina, and the type of procedure you're having done. I've had 10 knee surgeries, all different kinds and been out anywhere from a long weekend to a week and a half with the first 9 which were arthroscopies. ... (5 replies)

... The surgery shouldn't add any time off above what your injury has already done. I had outpatient surgery for one day, was in and out of the hospital in less then 4 hours. ... (5 replies)
... your Dr did a lot of work on your knee during your scope. ... (6 replies)
... and what the surgery is for. There are a variety of things they can do on the knee via arthroscopy. ... (5 replies)
... I am at a loss of what I should do. I fell and tore my meniscus back in Nov. I had surgery in 4 weeks later due to the clinic I went to not getting the doctor I picked the xrays etc. ... (1 replies)
... severe osteoarthritis in BOTH knees about 7 years ago. In Sept. of 2005, when I stepped up on a chair in a weird way, I heard and felt the cartilage in my right knee tear on me! ... (9 replies)
... reason. A month later, I was back at my dad's house, still wrapping up the house cleanup. This time, I got up from a rolling desk chair in his den, and my right knee completely buckled on me sending me to the floor, screaming in pain! I could NOT stand on it this time. ... (2 replies)
... I'm retired so this doesn' apply to me... but it's been 6 weeks and I probably could go back to work if I had to. ... (544 replies)
... I was released to go back to work at 4 weeks. I was a school counselor. I had enough sick leave that I took 6. I was pretty tired the first week. ... (544 replies)
... apart failed to help me at ALL. But then, as I described, my surgeon and I determined that the osteoarthritis had progressed faster than we thought and the total knee replacement was really the ONLY OPTION for me at that point in late January. ... (16 replies)
... and it is becoming difficult to either lay or sit or stand, the side of the leg both up and down from the knee is getting cramps, and difficult to walk. ... (371 replies)
... week for myself I was trying to adjust to using a walker and not being able to do for myself like I used to. As far as pain I would say to not be a hero and see how long you can go without taking anything ,you knew when you were ready for something. I tried everyday to see how much I could do , but stopped if it was hurting. ... (17 replies)
... and thrown down onto my left knee with some force. At the time, I thought it was just a bruise, I've fallen and bruised that knee before. Fifteen minutes later, I bruised it again! I iced it and stayed mostly off it the rest of the weekend, but it just kept getting worse. ... (15 replies)
... doctors i have seen have not said much about being able to play football after. i have had an MRI scan and i have an appointment with consultant. They said that surgery will prob be the answer, i really want surgery as i have been having this problem for about 8 years, it has restricted me alot. ... (13 replies)
... n teeth cleaning for a few years depending on your doctor. Some say forever. I am in the middle of a dental implant and always take four amoxicillan before any work done or any cleaning. ... (9 replies)
... Susan Jean you are not a baby. What you are facing is scary and we all know that. We all also know that there is good news on the other side. How long it takes to get there and how hard the journey is different for each of us and even for the same of us on different knees. ... (544 replies)
... I'm 62, in pretty good health except for severe osteoarthritis. I had a full hip replacement this past February that went well, resulting in relief after a couple of years of chronic and debilitating pain. ... (544 replies)
... I am a 57 year old women who has had three TKR, yes three, one was a revision because the original failed after only 6 months. Most important thing to remember is every knee is different except that they all take longer than we like to heal. ... (544 replies)

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