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... Has anyone had the Knee flex machine after surgery ? ... (5 replies)
... school, I think. Designed to get you moving, but most knee surgeries these days simply ask you to move, under the care of a PT. ... (5 replies)
... but movement improves that within minutes. I'll eventually have to get my other knee done, and I won't ask for the CPM then either.... ... (5 replies)

... I'm not. I'm very overweight and before the surgery was so incapacitated by the bad knee that I was barely walking anywhere. ... (5 replies)
... I see noone is answering so I'll put in my two cents. I've had multiple knee surgeries and have never had to use those continous motion machines. Though I do know it is very common. ... (5 replies)
... putting you on the flex machine? ... (544 replies)
... We used to leave folks in them for 22-23 hours/day when they first came out (about 15 years ago). I agree that the motion doesn't hurt IF the patient is put back in correctly. After my own surgery, with a lot of complications, I was up walking in the room unassisted (no staff, just the walker) in 3 days, though I needed help getting out of bed (leg was not moving voluntarily... (5 replies)
... after the manipulation did not produce the expected result as far as flexibility, he suggested another one, daily, inserting a catheter in the back, and if the knee did not bend, drip anestetic and manipulate. I refused, as the stay in the hospital would have been over 2 weeks. ... (6 replies)
... yes the machine is a real help, I hade TKR in June, 1 week in the hospital then directly to a rehab facility for 2 weeks used the machine daily (the one they use on the bed) it worked worders I went in to the rehab with 45 - 50 deegree flex adn 2 weeks later left with 90 to 100 degrees flex, also had PT 2 times a day 6 days a week in rehab, now in out patient PT and at 118 -... (544 replies)
... Just curious to know if you were set up with the Continuous Motion Machine following surgery and for the next few weeks. I loved that machine and credit it with my early success with flex. The other thing I learned from my PT was to massage my knee. I do that about 2X a day. ... (371 replies)
... Right knee... TKR on Feb. 2, 2009. I pretty much lost the first month of PT, due to pain. Medial aspect of knee was painful to the touch. I couldn't sleep in bed, couldn't find a position that didn't result in pain. ... (544 replies)
... s recomended 3 times a week for 6 weeks. I did all of my own 3 times a day and am very flexable can move it in many directions comfortably. the PT feels good,The machine is a good thing you can lay down and let it do the work for you. ... (544 replies)
Apr 22, 2010
... Once, I had no trouble moving my leg sideways, and could go without pain meds, I started driving. I had my right knee done, but didn't have any problems. ... (519 replies)
... I am very surprised that my recovery from a Total Knee replacement is much easier than I expected. I am 10 days postop. I am not having a lot of pain, mostly a heavy aching feeling. ... (0 replies)
Apr 22, 2010
... WOW.. forgot about the heating Home therapist told me to get a heating pad, wrap it around my knee it the morning and just rest.. it warms up the knee, flex a few times and it makes the knee more mobile. I have it stashed next to the bed if I need it. ... (519 replies)
... I hear alot of folks say the only thing that gets exercised is the machine but .... ... (371 replies)
... Alice, On Sept 29, I had Double Knee Replacement... I had to get to 90 before I left the hospital. Surgery on Wed...Moved to Rehab wing Fri... Home on Monday. ... (7 replies)
... Greetings from Alaska ~ So great to read of everyone's accomplishments & not feel so alone when I'm experiencing the same setbacks. I had my 6 week check-up last Tuesday at the 10 week mark! A month ago I could not have flown in a small plane & do those rickety stairs. My BiLat TKR was done in Anchorage which is 225 road miles from here & 117 as the eagle flies in what feels... (371 replies)
... I will be walking all I can 9 days PO still have mucho pain flex is getting better, almos 100 degree my surgery was at kootenai medical center in Cour d alene Idaho, do not ever have you surgery there, their post off care sucks, and they are a magnate hospital, must have paid for it the bar above the bed for me grab and so I can help move myself, it broke loose... (544 replies)
... Is this a PT your Doc recommended? I went to a PT who was associated with my Doc's practice. My routine was to come in do 10 mins on the bike, then 2 mins on a slant board, then up on the table for leg lifts up and side, butt raises and a few others, she would spend about 10 mins pressing on my leg. then I did heal raises, and squats, the she would work on my flex by... (5 replies)

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