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Knee Fusion
Nov 14, 2007
... During recovery time for my hip, my knee deteriorated at an alarming rate. The bone died and the necrotic fluid left an ample environment for an infection to form. ... (3 replies)
Knee fusion
Apr 25, 2007
... I had a knee fusion 3 years ago after nearly 20 years of problems and a knee that I had to wear full leg splints on as my knee joint was so unstable I had various operations that were susposed to make the knee stable in the years before the fusion but nothing worked I do drive an automatic car with my left leg only the accelerater is where the usual clutch pedal is in a manuel... (3 replies)
Knee Fusion
Jun 8, 2007
... my leg has been fused for 21 years. Now I am looking into having my leg amputated or an artificial knee put in if possible, I am 46 yrs. old and have spent many years falling, tripping and breaking bones, such as wrists,ribs, some teeth. ... (4 replies)

Knee fusion
Apr 12, 2012
... he pain but live does change going down stairs is the worse in and out of the car having a bath getting up from the floor and the big one sleeping since I had my knee fusion I have never had a full night sleep in 15 years . ... (43 replies)
Knee fusion
Jun 4, 2012
... to tell you whats best for your husband. For me I am choosing to stay in a wheelchair unable to walk because of my age. Also I have read so many articles about fusion and I know it's not for me. If your husband has an infection it has to be cleared up before anything. Is he seeing an infectious disease doctor. ... (43 replies)
Knee fusion at 33?
Aug 17, 2006
... Hi, Slave to Crutchz. See my earlier posting, Arthodesis in 1970. My advice to you would be, go for the fusion so long as you are confident about your diagnosis. ... (7 replies)
Knee fusion
Jan 27, 2014
... Hello, I read about the worries of some people regarding driving after knee fusion. ... (43 replies)
Knee Fusion
Oct 23, 2007
... ng for advice on a knee fusion which i have now been offered, all i hear is bad stories but since logging on here it has been mixed i am very independent and a fusion worries me, will i have to rely on my husband more ? ... (4 replies)
Knee fusion
Sep 3, 2010
... Hi, For over 20 years I have had knee pain and after having a knee replacement in 2008 which failed my left knee was fused March 2010. I have no pain as I did before and the recovery is going slow but progressing at the pace that is expected. ... (12 replies)
... Hey there, I also am 33 but I had too have my right knee fused 10 years ago at 23. I'd also had a sever dislocation, which tore my posterior and anterior crutiate ligaments, basically seperating my leg. ... (7 replies)
Knee fusion
Mar 12, 2012
... Hi mom 555, I had my knee fusion in October and would be happy to answer whatever questions I can for you... ... (43 replies)
Knee fusion
Apr 20, 2010
... I have a Knee Fusion and has been the worse experience of my life. I cannot go up or down stairs. I cannot dance. I cannot stand for very long. I cannot walk for any distance. ... (12 replies)
... am older than you am 35 and i am thinking about a knee fusion as well, i have had problems all my life and had my knee cap removed in 1989, i have been offered a fusion but like you im not sure at time i could quite easily chop my leg of due to the pain thats my main reason for having it. ... (7 replies)
Knee Fusion
Apr 26, 2007
... do not have to wear the splints but am still getting alot of pain and finding it difficult to weightbear without crutches has anyone else experianced this after fusion and did it improve? ... (4 replies)
Knee fusion
Nov 5, 2013
... hi I had a injury to my left knee 2007, I have had 5 ops and still not been unable to walk, last option was knee fusion which I had nov 2012 had external pins removed aug 2013, now in a soft cast which I don't seem to cope without it just yet, I put a bit a weight on it and manage a couple of hobbles but now seem to have gone backwards as I have pain in the knee area and... (1 replies)
Knee fusion
May 12, 2012
... why are you having your knee fused? ... (43 replies)
Knee fusion
Jan 11, 2007
... I am 35 years old and i am looking for anyone to give me advice on a knee fusion. ... (3 replies)
Knee fusion at 33?
Aug 16, 2006
... I am new to this site and looking for advice from anyone who has undergone knee arthrodesis. I found a few testimonials, but I'd really like to hear from as many as possible before I make a decision. ... (7 replies)
Knee fusion
Feb 26, 2013
... Hi Kimmy30, I have had my fusion taken down in Jan2013 due to all the problems i was having since having the fusion 14 years ago firefox (43 replies)
... I have had a knee fusion for 16 years. I am now 32 years old. Your case is very inspiring. Have you had the surgery yet? ... (9 replies)

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