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Knee Fusion
Aug 30, 2013
... Have knee revision first. Do not have fusion unless you are told that there is no other choice than fusion or amputation. Stand the pain as long as you can before having either one done. I chose fusion because you can always have an amputation later. ... (4 replies)
Knee fusion at 33?
Jan 25, 2007
... when he was hit by a car while make a long story short eventually after about 5 years of pain and many failed surgeries and too much damage to his knee they decided that it would less painful if they fused his leg. I met him after he had his leg fused. He ended up going to a Dr. ... (7 replies)
Knee fusion
May 12, 2012
... I am from Massachusetts...the good old U.S.A......I have seen several doctors in the past few years...My main problem was scar tissue...I had 2 TKR on the same knee and several other procedures along with 2 infections...It didn't matter what the doctors did, this knee would NOT bend.. ... (43 replies)

... mped off a swing and landed on my knee. It instantly swelled up and I was rushed to the emergency room. While there the doctors decided they wanted to go into my knee to biopsy some of the tissue. After they stitched me up they immediately sent me home. That night my knee continued to swell and was very hot to the touch. ... (9 replies)
... manipulate my leg by bending it. The leg is so stiff it will not bend at all. The doctor visited me later after surgery to tell me the leg didn't bend, also the knee is too weak for a knee replacement. He gave me two options, either to amputate the leg at the knee or fuse the leg straight. ... (0 replies)
Knee fusion
May 27, 2012
... I too am having a problem with my right leg. In March of 2011 I had a knee replacement which was wonderful for 5 days. ... (43 replies)
Knee fusion
Jan 28, 2012
... Many years ago people had knee fusions because of intractable pain. I just presumed wrongly it seems that everyone had a knee replacement now. Was there a reason you had the fusion? ... (43 replies)
Knee fusion at 33?
Jan 29, 2007
... eg did not bend it was fused solid with metal plates. My understanding is they fused it because it was so damaged and they didn't think he was a candidate for a knee replacement. One reason they said he was too young orginally. I guess technology has improved and they are making the knee replacements last longer now. ... (7 replies)
... i everyone. I have had multiple infections and had 2 tkr 's. I am now waiting to see a specialist about the possibility of fusion. I haven't been able to bend my knee for about a year, due to scar tissue, so I am thinking that I will already be used to that situation. ... (0 replies)
Knee fusion
Mar 26, 2012
... Wow, I'm so sorry to hear about your problem...Believe me, I feel your pain...It sounds to me that a fusion might be your only option, that is, other than an amputation.... ... (43 replies)
Knee fusion
Jan 29, 2012
... r. didnt put in a spacer, his choice, and finally when the infection was gone, 3 months later, and another pic line inserted, the dr. didnt want to put in a new knee for me because he doent do nickel free replacements. He knew this in Oct and didnt refer me elsewhere. So, I had to find a new dr. to fix this mess. ... (43 replies)
Knee fusion
Mar 25, 2007
... Had the right knee fused just a few years back. ... (3 replies)
Knee fusion at 33?
Jan 28, 2007
... Can you explain why a fusion rather than total knee replacement? ... (7 replies)
... There anyone out there that has had thier knee fused? ... (2 replies)
... I've read there's a doctor in Chicago that does the fusion reversals and with great success, but you can't always believe everything you read on Internet! His name is Dr. Henry Finn. ... (9 replies)
... Good luck let me know if you find someone to do thr far I have struck out..I have had my fusion for 12 years I would never do it again..I pray I have enough time to get a REVERSAL or TKR b4 it's too late... ... (9 replies)
... Well all I can say is I hope all goes well. I had my fusion 12 years ago. I still to this date have not found anyone to talk to me about a reversal. ... (9 replies)
Knee fusion
May 13, 2012
... Hi all, Here is my list of top ten problems I have but not in any order 1 Public Transport your leg get pushed shoved and kicked and most of the time you can not get comfortable. 2 Flying just very uncomfortable on long haul you must get up and walk around every Hour. 3 Walking on soft Sand (43 replies)
Knee fusion
May 11, 2012
... The pain of the knee went away straight in 8 weeks but then the back pain came in 2010 and I still have that pain until they take the fusion down. ... (43 replies)
Knee fusion
Mar 25, 2012
... HI, boy you are really young to be having it fused. How come you are not gettng a knee replacement done? ... (43 replies)

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